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    This natural handmade cold-process soap and shampoo bar is crafted with real tussah silk and a blend of essential oils including lavender, neroli, and ylang ylang for a clean, floral scent!

    Our oils and fats were infused with certified organic chamomile flowers, calendula flowers, and organic oats using traditional herbal methods for healing and soothing irritated skin, hair and scalp.

    Perfect for those with sensitive skin types.

    Add one of our seasonally homegrown lavender bouquets as a beautiful accent to your soap. You can also hang it in your car, window, bathroom, or you can stuff it in your drawer or place it near your bed! CLICK HERE

    Scent Strength: Light

    HAIR & SKIN: All of our shampoo and shaving bars work for almost any hair type when used correctly and regularly (read directions here). However, each shampoo bar is different and may work especially well for certain hair types.

    • Cocoa Butter for reducing frizz and extra moisturization
    • Abyssinian Oil to revive dull hair and promote a healthy shine
    • Sweet Almond Oil for softness and hair manageability
    • No Coconut Oil
    • Kaolin clay provides a silky-smooth shave while soothing the scalp, helps with dandruff and encourages hair growth

    INGREDIENTS: Saponified Local Pasture-Raised Lard infused with Chamomile*, Calendula*, and Oat Powder*, Babassu Oil*, Local Raw Grass-Fed Buttermilk, Shea Butter*/**, Cocoa Butter*/**, Castor Oil*, Golden Jojoba Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Abyssinian Oil, Essential Oils of Lavender, Spearmint, Orange, Cedar, Geranium, Neroli and Ylang-Ylang, Kaolin Clay, Tussah Silk, Natural Purple Brazilian Clay, Food-Grade Titanium Dioxide, and Lavender Flower Buds.

    * Certified Organic / ** Certified Fair Trade

    Learn more about our ingredients

    WEIGHT: Approximately 3 – 3.2 oz | 85-91 grams

    DIMENSIONS: Approximately 2.75″ x 2.25″ x 1″

    Statements not approved by the FDA. Not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

    Read Detailed Instructions HERE

    Prewet your shampoo bar.

    After getting your hair wet, brush or rub your prewetted bar directly onto your dripping wet hair and head until enough amount remains to thoroughly lather all soap remnants throughout the hair.

    Massage deeply into the hair and scalp. You should be getting a thick and foamy lather all over your hair and scalp, if you do not achieve this you will need to apply more soap or a little water to work it up. Do not let sit in hair too long after a good lather is achieved.

    Rinse well and we usually recommend to use one of our conditioners afterwards, then dry/style hair as usual. Repeat the washing process if needed. If this is your first time using a totally natural shampoo soap, then you will probably need to wash again as natural shampoos loosen the silicones and waxes from the hair that sulfate-based or detergent-based shampoos leave behind. Our clay-based formula helps with this natural detox but it can take multiple washes to completely get the desired results.

    Practice makes perfect! ♥

    • Hair Growth Our shampoo bars tend to cause faster and thicker hair growth. As an effect, more frequent colorings or treatments may be needed for treated hair.
    • Colored & Treated Hair Our shampoo bars tend to have no effect on the shade of permanently colored hair or texture treatments. However, semi or demi-permanent hair-colorings or texture treatments can wash out faster due to the vigorous washing method required for a natural shampoo soap lather. We ask these customers to weigh the benefit of healthier, thicker and faster-growing hair with their more frequent semi-permanent hair treatments.
    • Curly & Textured Hair Our shampoo bars are sulfate-free and totally natural, therefore they will strengthen the natural disulfide bonds in your hair, which will bring out your natural hair texture. Your natural hair texture usually has more volume, curl and definition than what you are used to while using detergent or sulfate-base haircare products.
    • Healthier & Cleaner Our shampoo bars help reduce the waste of water transport, plastic containers, and dispensers that are so often chosen for convenience with liquid conditioners and shampoos. It often takes more time and effort to use natural shampoo bars, but it’s well worth it in the end. Not only do you end up with clean and naturally nourished hair, you also end up with a cleaner environment!






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    5 reviews for Baby Lavender Silk : Natural Shampoo – Body – Shaving

    1. Brittany Burton (verified owner)

      I used this as a shampoo bar. It was also my second one after finishing the Crisp Apple Cider Shampoo bar. I bought this one because I suffer from soap FOMO and want to try every single one! The previous shampoo bar cause new baby hairs to grow and this one has as well. My hair has healthy waves and my oily hair only needs to be washed every 48 hours as opposed to the previous 24 hour schedule. The smell is also amazing!

    2. primeval.alchemist (verified owner)

      This is the boyfriends favorite bar!
      My curly hair likes this one for the scalp, and the silk leaves hair… well, silky! The real lavender scent is truly appreciated:)
      These shampoo bars are true soap, and not detergent which works with your natural sebum instead against it leaving hair so nourished, hydrated, and sealed. Will never use another plant based “soap” again!

    3. Amy Chase (verified owner)

      My son’s skin and hair are so smooth and soft with this soap. He was having trouble with his scalp being itchy and dry and I had him use my soap and he loves it. I had to get him his own bar after that.

    4. Jenny Skripko (verified owner)

      While my favorite shampoo bar is still the Himalayan Buttercream one, this one is probably my second favorite. I really love the smell of it and its also very soothing and nourishing to my scalp.

    5. Alanna G. (verified owner)

      I bought this bar last year, used it last fall. It smelled very nice, not too much lavender. My hair does not seem to like the tussah silk fibers though- each bar with that in it that I’ve tried is harder to lather and my hair gets oily faster- so I probably won’t repurchase bars with that in it, but that’s just my experience. If you like lavender, you’ll like this bar.

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