Shampoo & Shaving Directions

How To Use Our Shampoo, Body & Shaving Bars

INTRODUCTION: Our Soap Bars are intended to help reduce the waste of plastic containers that are so often chosen for convenience with liquid shampoos and soaps. This being said, it often takes more time and effort to use natural soap bars, but it is well worth it in the end. Not only do you end up with clean and naturally nourished skin and hair, you also end up with a cleaner environment! 



PREWET your bar by running water over it for a second or two, then put it near your bath to soften up a little while you undress and get ready for washing.

After getting your HAIR WET, then BRUSH your prewetted bar directly onto your dripping wet hair and scalp until enough amount remains to thoroughly lather all soap remnants in the hair. This amount may differ from person to person depending upon hair type, length, and level of greasiness.


If you have long hair, it is best to brush bar from scalp to tip as to not create tangles. Or if you like rubbing the bar on your head you can gather your hair up tight in one hand and rub the soap in with your other hand. Most of the time I completely skip the tips of my hair. Ends of the hair are the most fragile and get the least moisture since they are so far away from the oils on the scalp.


Thick hair may need a little more soap rubbed in than you think it does for it to thoroughly clean, lather, and rinse out well. So feel free to rub on more and lather it up!


If you have really short hair, you may use  quick circular scrubbing motions on hair and head for a quicker, super clean lather!

Try not to get too much water in your hair during this time as it will wash the soap out before you have a chance to truly LATHER. It is best to turn off your showerhead (also saving water) or stand away from the spray while lathering until ready to add more water or rinse.

Use the soap residue brushed on hair to lather into hair from scalp to tips, mainly focusing on the scalp first, then working your way down to the tips only if necessary.

You might need to add a few more sprinkles of WATER at this time if you aren’t getting enough fluffy lather. Or you need to brush more soap onto your hair if you did not apply enough. You will know the feel of needing more water or soap after some practice.

Take your time for a thorough lathering MASSAGE as this helps to stimulate the scalp and also provide a nice cleanse.

Make sure to lather up all soap remnants, or else your hair could remain stiff and sticky after it dries, which is not normal and means that you did not wash or rinse your hair correctly OR your hair is going through an adjustment phase like when using a shampoo bar for the first time or changing to a new bar.

You should have a nice, big foamy and fluffy lather after a minute or two of lathering with no sticky soap residue.

You will get faster and better with practice. Your hair may need to adjust to a shampoo bar or a new bar if you haven’t switched in a while. So feel free to wash twice in a row during your first wash.

RINSE well with clean, cool water. Cool or cold water helps to rinse away soap better, while warm water is best for lathering and extending the soap.

REPEAT only if needed for dirty or extra oily hair, especially if you have skipped a couple of washes.

I only use my shampoo bars about once every other day or less to not strip the hair’s natural oils too much. Sometimes I wash two days in a row but I rarely need to unless I am sweating every day. For others, more or less often may be best for them.

To watch it in action, please view our “how to use a solid shampoo & conditioner bar” video at:

Or feel free to contact us at any time to help troubleshoot your problems!! We often help struggling customers figure out what to do when they are not used to using shampoo bars or different shampoo bars.

For directions on using our conditioners please go here, Conditioner Bar Directions .


Rub bar along area of skin that you want to shave.

Make sure it leaves a thin and slick soapy film on the skin.

You do not need to lather. Although you may if you wish with a shaving brush. We recommend a badger hair brush for comfort and quality.

Shave the soapy film off along with your hair stubs as you run the razor along your skin.

Rinse and then wash again to replenish moisture. It also helps to use one of our lotion sticks after bathing to prevent dry skin or irritation.

Extend the Life of Your Soap

Keep in a dry and safe place out of reach of small children and out of direct sunlight on one of our soap dishes for best results and a longer-lasting bar.

We recommend our soap dishes for storing your soap! You can find them here, Soap Dish .