“I love everything about this shampoo bar. I find that its very soothing to my scalp and my hair has been growing much more since I started using it in conjunction with the unscented conditioner bar. It lathers up easily, has a mild natural scent, and lasts for a long time (and I have a lot of hair so if you have short hair it would last even longer). If I had to use just one shampoo for the rest of my life, this would be it!”

– Jenny S.

This was my first conditioner bar ever! I will never go back!! The conditioner makes it easy for me to run my fingers through my wet hair and once it’s washed out it still feels like it is soft and smooth vs squeaky and brittle. I’ve lost way less hair in the shower and when combing it out. My hair has gotten shinier, stronger and longer in way less time than usual, using both Perma Earth shampoo and conditioner! Great mellow sweet smell also.

– Raina M.

This product has been life changing for me. Battling autoimmune diseases also comes with so many skin irritations that leave my skin so dry cracked and scarred in just the two weeks that I have been using this cream my skin is fully hydrated and my scarring is actually starting to diminish it’s amazing.

– Mariya V.