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My hair started falling out and receding in September [2022]. I was using “clean” shampoo but was getting dandruff and psoriasis on my scalp! I didn’t know what to do. I had been given Perma Earth face wash and chapstick as a gift and loved it so I decided to go all in and get the shampoo and conditioner too. With in two months I started growing baby hairs and noticing my blading spots going away! No more itching and I can also wear my hair natural now with less frizz and more curl definition. The before picture was in October 20 (started using it in mid- November) and the After picture was taking January 5 [2023]. Praise the Lord!–


2 Thessalonians 3:5
Andrea Barrick


My son has experienced really bad eczema flare ups since he was about 2. Truely horrible flare ups, to the point where he couldn’t wear shoes at certain times because it was too painful. These photos show how it would be regularly, but it would get way worse when he scratched. We tried countless lotions, soaps and medicated prescriptions, but nothing worked long term. Until we found Perma Earth! Absolute Godsend! I cannot say enough about how amazing these products are. The unscented buttercream is the only soap I use for him now and we haven’t seen a single flare up since we made the switch in July [it is now November] I don’t even need to use lotions on him regularly because this soap is honestly magic. I really can’t thank you enough!


In September/October 2021 I was having the worst skin of my life! I already ate clean (keto/carnivore) and felt like I had tried everything. After about 3 months of using Perma-Earth’s Whipped Tallow my face was healing!!! The clean photo (no filter!) was after about 6 months of use. This has been life changing for me!!!


11 Days Psoriasis Improvement

After having my second baby in 2021, I began to notice red, scaly, and flaky patches popping up on my lower legs. As time went on more spots were popping up all over my body including my face. After 1 year of trying so many countless products along with prescription steroid creams from my dermatologist I was diagnosed with psoriasis. To add to it I am now pregnant with my third baby. It has been the longest struggle I’ve ever had with my skin trying product after product and to ensure it was also safe during pregnancy. They were so itchy, painful, red, inflamed, and flaky and having no improvements I was beginning to lose hope. A friend later recommended Tallow and the benefits it had. After doing research, I decided to give it a try before totally giving up. After 11 days, of using the Unscented Tallow Whipped Butter and the Tallow Body Soap, the difference was night and day! I finally was starting to see my skin clear up, the itching, flakiness, and inflammation was diminishing! I fully believe these products have been my saving grace for my psoriasis and will never put anything else on my skin. It’s healing, hydrating, moisturizing and just makes my skin feels really good! So thank you for making such an amazing products!


My hands have always been dry, and cracked since I was little. (I get it from my father, his are the same way.) I have been searching and trying different lotions and moisturizers, only for them to fail. I work in the construction field, heating and air to be exact, so having dry hands was just my normal. I started using Perma-Earth lotion about a year ago. My wife brought home a milk lotion and since then that’s all I have used. I use it 2 to 3 times a day. Finally, my search has ended and I found a natural product that makes my hands soft, and feel amazing. I still have some ways to go, but from a year ago to now, the difference is crazy!


I have never known what shampoo to buy for myself since my teen years, I’d honestly just buy the one that smelled the best. As an adult I’ve always been self conscious about my hair, never knew how to style it, it always seemed so frizzy and dead. When I started getting into more natural products I always was at a loss for what to do with my hair. But then a friend shared about Perma-Earth on their Instagram and I knew I had to try it! After I got the hang of using a shampoo bar I almost immediately noticed the change in my hair. It went from dull and frizzy to healthy and moisturized with tamed waves. I love my hair and I’m more confident about it. I will never get shampoo from anywhere else. Perma-Earth has literally given my hair life!


My hair would always be oily and my dead ends were so bad. After I started using Perma-Earth products my hair is less oily and is growing quickly too! I’ve had many friends complement my hair Growth. I feel as if my skin looks better. I never really had an issue with my skin but overall it looks and feels healthy.


October 2020, my hair was extremely brittle and thinning at a very rapid rate. I was under a lot of stress, using store bought products and not eating well. The after is from October 2022, I have been using Perma-Earth products for 9 months now and I’ve changed my diet significantly. My hair looks AMAZING! I know that there have been multiple factors in the changes in my hair, but I am sure Perma-Earth products have made a huge difference. My hair was the same length in both pictures, but the density and texture are completely different!

I know what it’s like to frantically search for something that would help my hair stop thinning and I know it was due to my diet, stressors, and your products. ❤️ In the before I had clumps of hair falling out daily, now I shed normally. When combing / washing, I notice a few hairs here and there but nothing like before. I was afraid to even wash my hair at the time. I am so glad I decided to try clean products before something chemical based and that I was able to not only find hair care from Perma-Earth, but also so many other wonderful products that I now use daily.


Been using your shampoo bars for 10 months now and my hair has never been so healthy! My hair is naturally fine and doesn’t have much volume. I tried countless “clean” shampoos that left my hair nasty: stringy, greasy, and coated with a residue. With your bars I’ve finally found something my hair loves!


So thankful I asked the ladies at Perma-Earth my situation with my dry, cracked and bleeding hands. They recommended the skin food solid lotion along with their amazing animal fat hand soaps and it seriously changed my hands for the better. These ladies are here to help you so definitely ask questions and they’ll lead you in the right direction. I highly recommend these products to anyone!

I was using all the well known name hand soaps without a thought of what ingredients where in these hand soaps I was using. Finally after my skin started to crack, bleed, dry out, extremely rough sand paper like skin, I knew then I needed to make a switch. I found Perma-Earth and WOW it completely changed my skin! My hands are back to feel healthy, smooth, soft! I haven’t had anymore bleeding in my hands since switching. Finally don’t feel embarrassed to shake peoples hands – I’m so thankful for these products!


I cannot thank Perma Earth enough for saving my hair and skin! 

I will start off with my hair first. Just wow. I’m blown away by the shampoo bars! My hair had become very dry & brittle from years of bleach damage on top of using harsh shampoos/conditioners that completely stripped my hair of nutrients and volume. 

I made the mistake of using [another] hair system and it absolutely ravaged my hair. I couldn’t brush it without wincing in pain because of how difficult it was, and it was falling out in clumps. My hair had lost all vitality. I started researching natural hair care remedies and came across Perma Earth and rapidly started reading reviews. I was already eating carnivore/animal based and was instantly intrigued with animal based haircare! I started with the Egg Yolk & Honey shampoo bar and after a few tries of getting the lather right, I started to see how quickly my hair was healing! Since my hair was so damaged, I did have to chop off a considerable amount and start over with the growth process.

 I dyed it back to my natural color after a few salon sessions and continued using Perma Earth shampoo and my hair just kept getting better! My hairstylist even complimented me on how healthy my hair was! She asked me to show her your website because she was so impressed! My second bar was the Frankincense with Keratin, Silk, and Collagen and it is my favorite so far. This bar lathers so well and leaves my hair soft, shiny, vibrant, and full. I also love your [bar-to-liquid] conditioners! I’ve used a few different scented ones ( Lavender, Floral Essence, Sandalwood, and Damask Rose). The conditioner really helps give that moisture boost on top of the nourishment the shampoo bars give. My hair is growing the fastest it has ever grown in my life! As you can see in the before photo, my hair was brittle, dry, and so frail. It has completely turned around after consistent use. I started using Perma Earth products at the beginning of 2022 and have not looked back. Thank you for saving my hair! 

Moving on to skin. I absolutely love your tallow butters! I have used the unscented, Damask Rose, and Bison Suet and am thrilled with all of them. My skin is so soft and plump! My complexion has also changed, giving me a more even tone and smoother texture overall. I have completely stopped wearing makeup. I feel so confident in my skin now. My acne is rarely occurring, I used to have breakouts so badly. Tallow is a miracle worker, I have noticed reverse aging and even healing of smaller scars. I’m a forever customer, your products have changed my life for the better and I feel so happy about my hair and skin now after struggling for years.

Thank you Perma Earth! 

By the way, my account username is cyrenalyman if you need to reference it for anything! 

Before photo (Nov/13/21) After photo (10/25/22)


I had been using [another] shampoo and conditioner, which was considered to be clean and healthy. It left my hair feeling dry, flaky, and was causing extreme dandruff. The dandruff immediately went away when I started using [Perma-Earth’s] unscented egg yolk bar. I would spray the leave-in conditioner after and my wife would always comment how soft and supple my hair felt. I no longer use product in my hair as my hair naturally falls and stays curly throughout the day. I love how clean the products are and how it helps define my curls. Since using Perma Earth, I no longer have any dandruff issues. This brought my hair back to life and is so much healthier.


Before finding Perma-Earth, I was using [another] shampoo and conditioner. It was considered “clean” beauty products but they changed their products and it started to make my hair feel weighed down, I lost my curls, and I was getting buildup in my hair.

The detoxing period [starting Perma-Earth products] took 8-10 days, but after that period and starting to use the conditioner bar, my hair is softer, curlier, and more vibrant than it has been in years. I love the ingredients and I’m actually enjoying the look of my curls, which I haven’t in years. To keep the curls defined, I use the mousse and top it off with the hair spray. Who thought hair spray would leave hair feeling soft when it “wears out”? I love these products and this for sure detoxed my hair, bringing back its natural wave.


This is the owner of Perma-Earth and I also want to share my testimony! The biggest difference I have seen using our body products almost exclusively over the past 5 years is my hair growth and texture. My hair growth is so much faster and fuller using the shampoo and conditioner. When I started to notice how much hair growth I was seeing I took a before picture immediately (top picture). So, my hair loss was even worse than that before, but I have never returned to that level of hair loss!

My texture is now more voluminous and even has a wavy characteristic when air-dried and scrunched – I NEVER had this experience using normal shampoos in my whole life. I will now be using our shampoos and conditioners forever!

The second most significant difference is in my skin, which used to be so prone to dryness and a rough texture due to genetics. Since using the whipped tallows, my skin is softer, smoother, and more supple looking. I am so thankful for our products and I feel like they are one of God’s great natural gifts that I am honored to help supply others with too.

“I love everything about this shampoo bar. I find that its very soothing to my scalp and my hair has been growing much more since I started using it in conjunction with the unscented conditioner bar. It lathers up easily, has a mild natural scent, and lasts for a long time (and I have a lot of hair so if you have short hair it would last even longer). If I had to use just one shampoo for the rest of my life, this would be it!”

– Jenny S.

This was my first conditioner bar ever! I will never go back!! The conditioner makes it easy for me to run my fingers through my wet hair and once it’s washed out it still feels like it is soft and smooth vs squeaky and brittle. I’ve lost way less hair in the shower and when combing it out. My hair has gotten shinier, stronger and longer in way less time than usual, using both Perma Earth shampoo and conditioner! Great mellow sweet smell also.

– Raina M.

This product has been life changing for me. Battling autoimmune diseases also comes with so many skin irritations that leave my skin so dry cracked and scarred in just the two weeks that I have been using this cream my skin is fully hydrated and my scarring is actually starting to diminish it’s amazing.

– Mariya V.