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About Us

Organic Bath & Body Products Handcrafted with Local Ingredients

  • Buttermilk & Lard Artisan Soaps from pasture-raised local farms
  • Herbal Skin & Body Care made with certified organic and homegrown ingredients

PERMA∞EARTH LLC is a 1.5 acre permaculture homestead farm and herbal apothecary created by Mariah Campbell, an herbalist, permaculture farmer and wellness advocate who uses her knowledge of all-but-forgotten traditions to formulate extremely unique creations.

It has always been our passion to encourage others to treat the environment with respect. We are constantly taking action by reducing our company’s impact on the environment in every way possible while increasing awareness of the sustainable choices necessary for the beauty and health of the earth. We have our own theory of sustainability that is a little different than what you may have heard before!

Our Motto

Our motto is “Living in Balance with the Source” because in order for us all to be healthy and happy, our planet must be first and foremost!

We strive to make the best decisions possible for the planet, sourcing ingredients directly from our home-based permaculture farm, local eco-conscious and ethical farms, or environmentally-ethical farms from around the world. To get a list of where we source our local ingredients from, please go to Our Ingredients.

We use permaculture farming practices in a self-sustaining manner to mirror a natural setting. To learn more about our farming methods and what we are currently growing, go to Our Farm.

For the ingredients we cannot produce ourselves, we diligently inspect their authenticity so that you receive an honest, pure, and ethical product.

Our Prices

Environmental and ethical farming methods are labor-intensive, and thus carry more expenses than their mechanical, chemically-subsidized, and synthetic counterparts. In order to offer Certified Organic, Fair-Trade, and All-Natural ingredients in our products, the price is expectedly higher than the average.

However, when buying from us, you can save up to 4 times the cost when compared to others like us. We purchase in bulk, then sell our products directly to you at wholesale prices. This is how we are able to offer you such savings, as we believe that supporting organic efforts should be available to as many as possible. We are proud to offer more organic, locally-based and healthful options to your shopping choices!

Our Packaging

We use minimal packaging wherever possible and we now offer plastic-free and highly durable shipping materials for a small extra fee. Some of our products are packaged with recyclable plastic, and we share this information on each listing, so please be aware of your local recycling options.

All of our soap is wrapped in 100% biodegradable shrinkwrap called Biolefin, which is completely plant-based.

We are currently converting all of our plastic-based containers and bags to biodegradable PLA (plant-based), glass, or compostable containers. The options of getting some products with or without labels also helps cut down waste and cost for the budget-minded consumer!

We urge all to PLEASE RECYCLE (or compost) your containers and packaging materials. Until everything is converted, if you wish to have products in a “no-waste” container or packaging, please let us know and we would be happy to do that for you!

Custom Orders

On that note, we offer custom orders for:

  • Business Marketing – client gifts, retail stores…
  • Special Events (weddings, showers…
  • Personal Needs – vegan, scent preference, skin type, hair type, etc…

Just Contact Us and we will get started on your custom order!

Customized Lip Balms for the future Mr. & Mrs. Burdine!

More About Us

The owner and founder of PERMA-EARTH LLC is Mariah Campbell: a member of the American Herbalists Guild and Certified Permaculture Landscape Designer. If you would like to learn more about her and how she became inspired to start this company, please go to our page About. Currently, she is the only official employee, but could never do it without the extensive help of her husband Brandon, family, and friends.

Thank you for visiting us! Feel free to browse our selections in our online Shop or come see us in-person at the Madison Farmer’s Market from 8am-12pm every Saturday at Broadway Fountain in Madison, Indiana. As of now, we are finishing a store front and bigger workshop in our barn and hope to open a homestead store in addition to local events and farmers markets!

If you would like a tour of our humble farm and homestead, please Contact Us to schedule a short tour! We are excited about all of the big changes and look forward to serving you and protecting our resources!

We are proud to offer our unique products and also bettering our local and world-wide communities!


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