About Us

Ancient Body Care Methods for the Modern Age

We trust in the gifts of God’s creations to formulate the most nourishing natural body care products. By curating wholesome ingredients from family farms across America, our customers take comfort in supporting community grassroots, regenerating our ecology, and strengthening our small economies for a better future. We base our handcrafted body care products with nutrient-dense, locally available, and traditional ingredients such as:

  • Pasture-Raised, Grass-Fed, Hand-Rendered, Organic Animal Fats
  • Raw, Farm-Fresh, Grass-Fed Milks
  • Raw, Farm-Fresh, Pasture-Raised, Free-Range Eggs
  • Raw Natural Local Honey
  • Raw Local Beeswax and Certified Organic USA Beeswax

You may learn more about our animal-based ingredients HERE and also check out our farmers HERE


Some of our regeneratively-farmed animal-based products are complimented with certified organic and fair-trade plant-based ingredients from eco-friendly farms around the world! You may learn more about our plant-based ingredients HERE

We use certified biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable packaging wherever possible to contain and ship our products. This is our attempt to avoid plastic as much as we can and offer plastic-free alternatives to all body care needs and shipping necessities. You may learn more about our eco-friendly commitments HERE


Our mission is to Feed Your Hair & Skin From The Outside-In™ with wholesome, local, organic, and non-toxic ingredients. We know that this is best achieved with handmade, ethically-harvested, animal-based methods for a more complete and time-honored traditional body care. This is our ancestor’s best kept secret! All ancient cultures relied on naturally-raised animal products for their health and well-being, including their beauty care. Our products take a synthesized, corporatized, mass-produced conglomerate now known as the “beauty industry” back to its ancient roots of animal origin.

We know that better self-care starts from feeding the body high-quality nourishment, and we want to encourage others to support regenerative local farmers with our Farmer Directory. The best place to start for most is their local farmer’s market, go visit yours and make it a special tradition!

As a Christian company, we acknowledge our human imperfections and the need to draw our strength from something more than ourselves. Even through our shortcomings, we strive to reflect an ethos which follows Jesus Christ’s only commandments: love God the Father above all else, and love others as yourself. As we reach more people with our mission, the Good News goes along inside each package and hopefully through our interactions with others as well.

We know that true well-being begins with aligning one’s self with the Spirit of life, the creator of all things.

“Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in good health, as it goes well with your soul.”
3 John 1:2

While being a Christian is not necessary to work with us or for us, we are adamant about being true to our roots and honoring The Great Provider, while also honoring others. We have been blessed as we walk closer to the Lord, and our natural response is that we want to help impart this blessing upon others as well – by pointing towards The Source of all goodness… By no means are we perfect, or pretend to be, and that’s exactly why God’s grace is all the sweeter.

To learn more about our 2023 Liberia Mission’s trip location and focus, please visit psalm823.org

We are currently taking donations for Mariah (owner) and Rachel (assistant manager) to go on a mission’s trip to an orphanage in Buchanan, Liberia, Africa in the summer of 2023 with their church group. We plan to strengthen the village’s self-sufficiency with regenerative farming techniques, and also teach them how to make their own body-care products to use and sell. All customers will see this option for donation during checkout until the necessary funds are raised. God bless our supporters! We will share the details of the trip with our newsletter subscribers after our return.

Our Story

Written by the founder, Mariah Campbell

Our now 7-10 employee company officially began in our rented trailer kitchen back in 2016. Before that, I had been developing my own body care formulations for myself and family/friends since 2011. For 2 years, I and my husband Brandon worked long hours to bring our body care products and homestead goods to local farmer’s markets and special events. We moved into a 1,000 square foot brick home in 2017, in which the spare room and kitchen were converted into a workspace for Perma-Earth products. I began making YouTube videos in 2018 and partnered with an affiliate, which launched the first big growth spurt and team additions!

With the extra funds and growth, we were quickly running out of space, so Brandon and his father decided to build a Perma-Earth workshop into half of a converted pole-barn. This 450 square foot space birthed the first location exclusively for Perma-Earth production. At this time from 2018-2020 we had 2-4 employees. By the end of 2020, we knew that we needed more room for our organic, word-of-mouth growth.

In 2021, we signed a rental agreement to move Perma-Earth into its first retail location at 780 W Green St. Scottsburg, Indiana, and this is where we are still at today. Our 1,600 square foot workshop is divided equally into two sections: the back kitchen where we create the products, store ingredients, and have our team meetings, and the front shop where we stock, package, ship, and sell the inventory. We are still growing to our maximum capacity in this space and every month we seem to find new ways to rearrange things to make it more efficient!

The Dream Team

Employee Biographies

Mariah Campbell


Why Did I Start Perma-Earth Bath + Body?

Since my youth, I have enjoyed learning about the creative arts, environmental science, psychology, and philosophy. I also learned a lot about hard work from helping my father on his horse farm during the summers. After getting a scholarship and taking ethics courses at university, I became very passionate about animal welfare and decided to follow veganism.

After dropping out of college in 2011 to “find myself”, I worked at health food stores and a vegan restaurant, learning different narratives about nutrition, naturopathy, herbalism, and supplementation. Around this time, I found a love for soapmaking after developing a natural dog shampoo soap that helped my beloved pet heal from a stubborn skin issue. From that success, I often day-dreamed about opening a retail shop and having a homestead. After meditating for almost a year and asking for guidance on my next step in life, I tried a simple prayer. Soon upon hearing an answer from God, I moved back to Indiana in 2014, met the love of my life, and gained a certificate in permaculture landscape design.

Shortly after my move, I realized my health was indeed suffering as a result of eating strictly plant-based for over 3 years. Only then was I forced to realize that the circle of life cannot be broken or changed by our will alone: our place as humans who rely upon animal products still remains. What could only be described as the help of God and my husband Brandon, I founded Perma-Earth LLC in 2016 to feed people’s hair and skin from the outside-in with local and natural ingredients. As part of my first commitment to animal welfare and the environment, I now find great comfort in supporting regenerative agriculture methods and reducing plastic usage in founding and running this company.

About Me

From directing work flow and management, to making product, product development, product testing, customer service, ordering supplies, curating and collecting ingredients, website development, photography, social media management, label design, marketing, accounting, budgeting, paying the bills and everything else the business needs – I am still in charge of most happenings at Perma-Earth! But, I am slowly working toward letting some things go and handing out more task delegations.

My husband and I raise 2 young children while working full-time careers. We deeply enjoy being involved in our local church groups and appreciating what our good Father has given us. We like to cook our food with Brandon’s latest hunting and fishing harvest, and we strive to grow our own food whenever possible! We are a crafty, nature-loving family, happy to make things, go on hiking adventures, and have fun with our loved ones.

Ashley Campbell


Since 2018 Ashley been an integral part in the growth of Perma-Earth LLC. With a passion for baking and a Bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, she did not plan a career in body products! However, it hasn’t been too far of a stretch to take her dream of being a sous-chef and transferring it to being a body product maker to help feed hair and skin from the outside-in. Her innovative talents, passion for well-being, and mind for business are part of what makes Perma-Earth a better company today.

From team management and human resources, accounting, customer service support, website updates, measuring and pouring ingredients, rendering fat, culturing and freezing raw buttermilk, organizing, filing, receiving, ordering supplies, shipping and packaging orders, to odds and ends jobs – she has a huge part in everything the business needs!

Ashley is a skilled crafter and enjoys spending time with her fur babies. She is a dedicated team leader and loyal friend who often thinks of others’ best interests first. She keeps the workplace laughing with her unique sense of humor. People seem to be drawn to her witty personality like bees to honey. Ashley is an obvious hard worker and helps to keep everyone in-line and on-schedule, which we admit some days is like herding cats! She always starts her day with a cup of coffee.

Fun fact: She and Mariah were classmates in elementary school, and reconnected after they both moved back to their hometown. Although they share the same surname, they are not related!

Rachel Fitch

Assistant Manager

Since joining the team in April 2022, Rachel has astounded us with how quickly she took on her role as lead product maker, inventory manager, and assistant developer – it’s like she was made for this! She is steadily learning to become a master soap-maker and has headed the production kitchen in making, testing, and restocking schedule.

From remaking and refining products, to product development, stocking ingredients and making supplies, managing inventory, assisting with social media presence, teaching her assistants, organizing production records, managing safety data and training with OSHA compliance, cleaning the work area, rendering fats, and preparation necessities – she has assumed many responsibilities in a short amount of time like it was a piece of cake.

Speaking of desserts, Rachel is an avid homemaker and baker with a special love for creating comfort foods, especially for others to indulge in. She often thinks of others needs and does her best to help where she is able. She is a fierce mother to five children and a mechanic by trade, but you might find a quick way to her heart by taking some fresh donuts to work (we are all with her on that one). Rachel has a passion for gardening and self-sufficiency, bringing her interest of natural remedies to the kitchen, where she shines!

Sabra Reffett

Shipping Manager & Customer Service Representative

Sabra has been with us since February 2022. She has a heart for helping others, is patient even under difficult circumstances, and considers the best in people, which makes her an excellent customer service representative. A quick learner and adaptive team member with a deeply creative soul, she is well-balanced with a task-oriented mindset and takes pride in a job well-done!

Sabra is the main package handler and product updater, while helping tremendously with customer support and shipping maintenance. She helps make/paint the bath bombs, assists in the kitchen with product production, and also labels/wraps many of the products in our eco-friendly shrink-wrap. The shrink-wrapping will hopefully decrease soon though, as she is helping to convert all of our wrapped soap packaging to soap box designs instead!

She also loves animals and enjoys spending time with her husband and four children, a horse named Big Red, and tending to a small homestead farm. One of her many talents, she has the perseverance to tackle big and complex crochet projects between doing crafts with 3 young children and a baby – the tolerance of a saint!

Jacqueline Koch

Assistant Shipping Manager and Customer Service Representative

Jackie joined our team in September 2022 with an open mind and willingness to adapt in any role needed. Her positive attitude and servant’s heart lightens up the work atmosphere and the work load. She cheerfully gets involved in almost every aspect of Perma-Earth: from fulfilling shipping orders, greeting customers, cutting and stamping soaps, and wrapping/labeling/pricing products all in addition to stepping in with kitchen production! Not only these, but she also assists with typing recipe updates and product updates on the computer. She has learned the ropes quickly with a passion for success.

Mrs. Koch is multi-talented mother of 4 and wife to her best friend. We are so grateful she decided to become part of the Perma-Earth family.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and why we do what we do. We hope to keep serving your bath and body needs for years to come!