Perma-Earth’s name reflects our commitment to the most eco-friendly production and consumption practices available to us… Let’s count the ways!

  1. Biodegradable and Certified Compostable Cornstarch Packing Peanuts – Learn More Here
  2. Certified Compostable Cellulose Clear Packing Tape – Learn More Here
  3. Certified Biodegradable Shrinkwrap (only for our solid products) Learn More Here
  4. Certified Biodegradable and Compostable Clear Bags (only for our solid products) Learn More Here
  5. Recyclable and Reusable Metal Tins, Glass Bottles and Jars
  6. Minimal Plastic Use for our pumps, sprays, and other products in which a plastic product is necessary.
Any plastic packaging is reused from our suppliers – extending the life of any plastic that comes our way!
We reduce or eliminate plastic product containments. Please realize that for some products, plastic-free options are not available.

If you know of a new technology or company which can replace any of our plastic containers, please let us know! We are eagerly awaiting hemp-based plastic-free technology to be arriving for mass-production… or so we hear!