Conditioner Bar Directions

Our conditioner bars help reduce the waste of water transport, plastic containers, and dispensers that are so often chosen for convenience with liquid conditioners. It takes more time and effort to use natural conditioner bars, but not only do you end up with clean and naturally nourished hair, you also end up with a cleaner environment! 

We highly recommend to use our conditioner bars to be used right after washing with our shampoo bars. Our formula is very light and hard to over-apply. You can use it everywhere on your hair, scalp, or skin and it leaves everything feeling silky smooth while hair is shiny and manageable.

1. BRUSH the conditioner bar directly onto your freshly washed, rinsed and dripping wet hair where you would like a conditioning, softening, detangling, and moisturizing effect. Focus on dry spots, especially the ends of your hair.

Apply generously and take your time. This is not like liquid conditioner to just slap it on and go. Bars must be worked with in the water for optimal effect. You may also use it on your skin as a shower/bathing lotion too!

2. COMB the conditioner residue left in your hair with fingers or a comb to make sure the conditioner is spread evenly and thoroughly. You may need to add a little more water to comb it and spread it around smoothly.

3. Let the conditioner bar SET in your hair while you wash your body/shave/etc. – 5 minutes or more being ideal.

4. RINSE thoroughly OR LEAVE it in! For a natural curling effect after you get out of the shower/bath: brush hair while still damp – *scrunch* – then let air-dry! How simple is that? 🙂

Leave-In Option

Using a leave-in conditioner can be very helpful with certain hair textures, especially with curly or frizzy hair. If used this way, many of our customers have found they can eliminate all sorts of other products they normally would use (such as gels, hairspray, curling, etc.)

If you need to apply more after the shower/bath application, simply wet the bar and rub it in your hands. Then use what is on the hands to comb through the hair, especially focusing on the ends.

Leftover Bits and Pieces

With leftover bits and pieces, you have a few options for using up the remainder of the product!

  • Dissolving: You can soak the bits in warm water overnight to help soften and dissolve them, then use the liquid as you would for conditioner. Sometimes a blender works well for this! To make a liquid conditioner with leftover bits is a bit more tricky, but ideal!
  • Make a liquid conditioner: Add a 10:1 ratio of water or other liquid to the conditioner bits. Boil liquid then take off heat and add conditioner bar/bits, stirring until dissolved. Keep stirring occasionally until cooled. Store after cooled completely and use up to 6 months with water or tea. Much shorter shelf-life if using milk. Store in refrigerator for longer shelf life.
  • Heating and Combining: Heating the pieces slowly and carefully with a blow dryer – or for a short time on low level in the microwave – this will turn the pieces into a liquid, which will harden again when cooled. It helps to have a container that you can melt them in and pop them back out again.
  • Using: Patiently leave the pieces next to the sink or shower in a container to rub in wet hands and apply to hair until nothing left of the bar pieces remain!

To watch it in action, please view our “how to use a solid shampoo & conditioner bar” video at:

Or feel free to contact us at any time to help troubleshoot your problems! We often help struggling customers figure out what to do when they are not used to using conditioner bars.


Do not leave in water, or let water rest on a wet surface as they will dissolve or become very soft and goopy – unless that’s what you’re going for!

Preferably, they should be stored in an area with good air flow and minimal surface contact. Store in a dry, safe place our of direct sunlight to prevent mold growth or faster deterioration.

We recommend our soap dishes for storing your conditioner bar. You can find them here,


We recommend using your conditioner bar within a year for best results, we aren’t sure if/when conditioner bars will go bad. If the oils/fats inside start to go rancid it could smell “off” or develop rusty orange spots, but we have yet to actually see this happen.