Grow Roses for Beauty, Food, and Health

Around Valentine's Day, Buy Living Roses! Roses are the Perfect Early Addition to your Garden Landscape for Beauty and Practicality! Written by a Certified Permaculture Landscape Designer This is the year for you to grow attractive perennials that are also edible or medicinal, adding not only beauty but value to your landscape. In this article, … Continue reading Grow Roses for Beauty, Food, and Health

Save The Seeds!

Why Should We Save Our Seed?          Did you know that most commercial farms grow large mono-crops and cannot save their seed? Their seed has been genetically modified by the corporation known as Monsanto who says they want to stop world hunger through better hybrids, genetic modifications, biocides (pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc...), synthetic fertilizers, and infertile seeds. Monsanto claims … Continue reading Save The Seeds!