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How To Choose A Shampoo & Conditioner?

Jump to the main sections of this article:

Beginner’s Foundation

Other Hair Treatments and Products?

Hair Texture & Thickness

Hair Length

Hair Color

Dandruff ? Dryness ? Irritations ?

Oily Hair?

Hair Loss or Balding

Scalp Psoriasis or Other Diseases

What is the MOST Nourishing Shampoo?

End Notes

Beginner’s Foundation

It’s one of the first questions that comes to mind when looking upon our vast selection: “How do I choose the haircare products that are right for me?” The good news is that you can rarely go wrong with combining our shampoos and conditioners – when using them correctly and regularly with no other shampoo cleanser or conditioner. If you are a beginner, we suggest reading these 3 articles in order:

Why Use Shampoo Soap? – all the benefits of our shampoo soaps that users experience! From more hair growth, less washes, better hair health, and more! Also includes links to common questions like Why No Liquid Soap?

How To Use Shampoo Soap – proper use and practice makes ALL the difference!

The Beginner’s Detox Period – very important so you don’t feel like our natural soaps are failing you!

After reading those articles, let’s get back to the question “Which shampoos and conditioners will be the absolute best for me?” It’s the most requested inquiry and we can help narrow it down, but it will ultimately be up to you! Using this article, you can narrow the selection down based on your knowledge of wants and needs.

Let’s get started with some disclaimers!

Do You Use Other Hair Products?

Before we can begin to narrow it down, we have to share some disclaimers about combining our products with others and expecting a huge difference. Remember, you are here for a reason and are probably fed up with how other products haven’t lived up to their claims. That is because many mainstream haircare products can cause problems over time that leave you confused and wanting to fix the problems with more products! But there is hope…

Many of our customers eliminate most or all other haircare products after they switch to our shampoo soaps and conditioners! Click here to learn why!

We highly suggest not using any other shampoo (besides an occasional natural dry shampoo between washes, check out ours here) and also not any other conditioners unless approved by us (we look for no detergents, silicones, sulfates, surfactants, or other damaging chemicals). If you have to get a regular shampoo at a salon once in a while, remember that there might be a slight detox process again.

Our haircare products work well with permanent color treatments and other permanent hair treatmentsclick here to jump to this part of the article about color. However, if your hair was damaged by using chemical treatments, please do not attribute this to our products. Permanent damage might be helped, but cannot be undone. Thank you for your understanding.

If you are wondering whether or not to try our products because you will still be using other chemical products, it is still fine to use our products with others, BUT we just can’t guarantee the absolute best results since those products might be damaging your hair or conflicting with optimal health.

If you continue to use chemical hair spray (we have developed our own natural hair spray and texture spray!), chemical hair dye/bleach, dry chemical shampoo (check out our natural dry shampoo here), chemical gels (here is our natural gel pump), or other chemical haircare products – we can’t fully guarantee the best results. We also offer an amazing leave-in conditioning spray, or you can even use our conditioner bars or liquid as leave-in! We recommend only using our shampoo and conditioners for at least 3 months to see the full transformation. And remember, if you hair is so damaged beyond repair, pay attention to the new hair growth to determine how our products have treated your freshly grown hair after 3 months.

With all that said – let’s get to it!

Hair Texture & Thickness

We’ll start with the most common question first: “What if I have curly/thick hair? What if I have straight/thin hair?” There’s a simple answer: Our shampoo soaps will work great for any hair texture and thickness!

The main answer to this question actually has to do with using our conditioners. The thicker and more textured/curly/frizzy your hair is, the more conditioner you will want to apply and the longer you will want to leave it in before rinsing out. Our conditioners work well as leave-in products too! Additionally, our hair oil would be a wonderful daily or weekly treatment for these hair types.

Thinner/straighter hair types might need less conditioner or maybe even no conditioner at all since it may weigh their hair down too much. The best suggestion we have for these hair types is to try using our conditioner bar or liquid compared to not using them and see which one you prefer! This brings us to our next factor…

Hair Length

Again, our shampoo soaps will work great with any hair length too! The main thing for long hair types to consider is to apply enough conditioner and to thoroughly read our directions as the longer the hair gets, the more patience and time you will need to wash your hair correctly.

Short hair may not need any conditioner, but we still suggest it for some – especially dry or flaky scalps. This takes us to our next consideration!

Do You Have Dandruff, Dryness, or Other Irritations?

This is another common concern: “Which shampoo is best for my dry, flaky, irritated, itchy, or painful scalp?”

First of all, avoid our fragranced haircare products and try to start with unscented to avoid any possible scent irritants. If you must have scent, try our essential oil scented like peppermint, rosemary, lavender, or cedarwood.

Secondly, do your dry scalp the nicest favor of applying some of our awesome conditioner to your scalp after washing.

There is another reason that our shampoo soaps can help too…

Buckle up buttercup, because we’re gonna hit this one head-on!

The reason why our buttermilk shampoo soaps can do so much good for dandruff hair types is that most dandruff is caused by the microbiome being out of whack – an overabundance of fungi on the scalp is the main culprit! But don’t fret, buttermilk is naturally anti-fungal and will help to balance the fungus on the scalp.

Buttermilk is also full of lactic acid, which overturns skin cells faster, rejuvenating the scalp and helping to shed dead skin cells at a more proficient rate. To beginners, this can seem like more dandruff at first, but remember that your microbiome is adjusting to a completely new cleanser and your body is going to be in for a little ride until it reaches a healthier destination.

Pasture-Raised Lard is the main ingredient in ALL of our shampoo soaps because it is super high in Vitamin D3, which is essential for hair nutrient synthesis, some trace minerals for scalp health, plus (importantly) nourishing fatty acids in balanced proportions for haircare. Read more about lard vs. tallow here.

Since our shampoo soaps eliminate most sources of irritation (detergents, surfactants, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, etc.) and instead provide more nourishment than any other type of haircare product in the world, our customers experience the A-HA! moment of realizing how amazing our traditional soap shampoos are for a plethora of issues. Try them and see! Also take our hair oil into consideration for a weekly scalp treatment too.

Additionally, there are some ingredients that may help with dandruff and dryness and irritations a little bit more than just our “normal” shampoo soaps (that are still absolutely amazing by themselves). A few key ingredients to look for – using our hand-dandy search bar (magnifying glass icon):

  • Aloe Vera – used since ancient times for a myriad of skin and hair issues – including dryness and dandruff.
  • Honey – a natural humectant and great for dry/frizzy hair types! May weigh down very thin hair types.
  • Egg Yolk – brimming with a ton of nutrients and healthy fats for haircare, can help with extra moisturization and feeding your hair and scalp with the most nutrients possible. High in biotin, choline, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals, and more.
  • Specific Essential Oils like Mint, Rosemary, Cedar, Tea Tree, Lavender, Frankincense, and many others can be very calming, soothing, antibacterial, anti inflammatory, and antifungal.
  • Nettle – an herb for dandruff and stimulating circulation – great for all hair types!
  • Horsetail – an herb high in biotin and helps to stimulate blood flow. Great for hair growth as well – leading us to our next topic!!

Oily Scalp?

Alternatively, our shampoo soaps work great for oily scalps as well because they actually cleanse your hair and scalp without stripping them! Oily scalps may need to wash their hair every other day or every day to get the best results. Most customers do see a reduction in oiliness and the frequency of washing needs because our shampoo soaps do not strip like normal surfactant/detergents that cause an overproduction of sebum and hence more oily issues.

Some great ingredients for oily scalps include:

Hair Color

This is a common concern since so many dye their hair today and we are happy to say that permanently treated hair colors are NOT negatively affected by our shampoo soaps – according to our thousands of happy customers! In fact, our shampoo soaps may help preserve permanent hair colors and treatments for longer. Although there have been some customers with the “complaint” of having to dye or treat their roots more often because of faster hair growth!

Our customers with brassy tones have loved the reduction of brass color using any of our haircare products! We do recommend our products with blue or purple Vitamin B5 for those concerned about brassiness, but this may or may not help – the jury is still out! We refuse to use the carcinogenic purple dyes in our products.

We do NOT recommend using our shampoo with semi-permanent hair treatments. We ask our customers to weigh the benefits of having healthier hair using our products to having semi-permanent treatments – the 2 usually do not mix. This is due to the extra vigor needed to wash one’s hair with natural soaps, which causes the surface-based semi-permanent colorants to wash out faster.

Hair Loss or Balding

Wow, do we get this question a lot! Because Yes, we have helped hundreds of people grow their hair back with any of our shampoo soaps! We think it is because of our high quality farm-fresh LARD and BUTTERMILK (click on the words to learn more) which are so very high in nutrients along with other hair growth stimulating oils like organic castor oil. We highly recommend our hair growth serum to supplement your hair in conjunction with our hair oil for feeding your hair the best in topical nourishment.

BUT even the most nourishing shampoos in the world might NOT be able to solve your hair loss or balding issues because it could be controlled by hormones and other factors!

For genetic or age-related balding – you may need to change more than just your shampoo to see dramatic effects. If you don’t take any medications that could alter your hair, maybe consider your diet and lifestyle. Try these tips…

Lifestyle Hair Growth Tips:

  • Switching to a nutrient, bioavailable diet rich in free-range farm-fresh eggs and healthy, high quality meats like seafood and farm-fresh organs (with your healthcare practitioner’s approval of course) can work wonders for more than just your hair. Zinc, copper, iron, magnesium, and some trace minerals are now very hard to get from diet alone (due to environmental degradations) and may have to be supplemented. Anti-nutrient foods that suck nutrients from your body (such as processed sugar and some vegetables) may also be a contributing factor. Some people may need to balance their intake of certain foods – experiment and see what works best for you! I have heard people say they needed more non-processed carbs than they previously thought to grow more hair, or that they needed more healthy balanced fat ratios, or more healthy proteins, and so on.
  • I have heard from many haircare professionals that iron and biotin supplementation is where it’s at – so I guess it’s worth a shot – with your healthcare practitioner’s approval of course!
  • Being as stress-free as humanly possible!! I know, some of you are laughing right now saying “Yeah, right!”… But seriously, stress can completely impact your hair growth/loss. In fact, it’s been scientifically proven that even up to 12 months after a traumatic event, people can experience significant hair loss due to stress. So, take relaxation into top consideration and make it one of your priorities when scheduling your time!
  • Eliminate other potentially damaging hair products or treatments. That bleached hair or Brazilian blowout may turn heads, but if you are experiencing some major hair thinning – you may want to hold back on those chemical treatments to see if it improves your hair growth. The same goes with other harsh hair treatments and products with questionable ingredients.

In the future, I do plan on writing an entire article about this topic alone, but back to our shampoo soaps! There are certain ingredients you can search for using our handy search tool that may help more than others…

Beneficial Shampoo Ingredients:

  • Egg Yolks – extra nourishing with nutrients that are known to help regrow hair like B Vitamins, Zinc, and Biotin!
  • Nettle – stimulates circulation and hair growth.
  • Green Tea – gentle amounts of caffeine stimulates circulation and nutrient delivery while its EGCG content can reduce the body’s production of hair loss hormones, antioxidants can help the body utilize and produce collagen, a building block of hair.
  • Coffee – high amounts of caffeine stimulates circulation and nutrient delivery.
  • Horsetail – high in biotin and also stimulates blood circulation and hair growth.
  • Keratin – feeds the scalp with a building block of hair – works synergistically with the Vitamin D3 content in the lard and other nutrients in the buttermilk.
  • Silk – helps to provide extra strength and proteins to the hair and scalp.
  • Collagen – helps to retain moisture and nutrients on the scalp, also a building block of hair.
  • Gotu Kola – an ayurvedic herb for stimulating hair growth and circulation.

Scalp Psoriasis or Other Diseases

While we can’t say that our shampoos will or are intended to definitely heal, treat, or prevent any disease (*these statements are not approved by the FDA), we can say that our shampoo soaps and conditioners have helped countless people with “issues” – and we have some theories as to why!

Lard and Buttermilk are both high in Vitamin D3, which may have a positive impact on seasonal or chronic psoriasis.*

Eczema? Using the proper fats and nutrients while also eliminating triggering factors may help those who suffer significantly.*

Keratosis Pilarsis? The high lactic acid in buttermilk can help release the excess keratin and skin cell layers on the scalp.*

Some essential oils and herbs have been shown to help with certain diseases.* Please see our essential oil shampoo listings for more details!

More nutrients = more ability for the body to fight disease.*

What are our MOST Nourishing Shampoos/Conditioners?

We can almost 100% guarantee that any of our shampoo soaps and conditioners will be the most nourishing products your hair has ever experienced. However, the answer to this question is very similar to the prior few. The more nourishing ingredients create the most nourishing products! However, the more ingredients = more expense. Take advantage of our amazingly useful search tool (magnifying glass icon) and search our website for these key terms:

  • Egg or Egg Yolk
  • Keratin
  • Silk
  • Aloe or Aloe Vera
  • Collagen
  • Vitamin B5 or Pro-B5 (pantothenic acid)
  • Horsetail
  • Nettle
  • Beer or Ale
  • Gotu Kola
  • Saw Palmetto

We do not create a shampoo bar or conditioner with EVERYTHING in it because there is only so much you can fit into a shampoo soap – we can recommend that you switch between shampoos and conditioners to determine which one your hair might do best with – or stick with a combination/alternation of the most nourishing ones!

End Notes

You really can’t go wrong with any of our shampoo soaps or conditioners because we make each one similar in their basic, highly nourishing, tried and true ingredients that usually assist with all concerns. We are always improving, updating, and creating new and fun scents and nourishing additions that our customers will love! Our optimistic hope is to settle into a basic line of always available scents (like our unscented line – we always have an unscented option or two!).

But times change, trends change, people’s tastes and desires change and the world goes on. So even though we do not link specific products in this article, you may use our highly valuable search tool to see which products we have available now with the ingredients or specific supplements listed above!

We have our menu sectioned out into essential oils, fragrances, and unscented for easier narrowing of choices.

If having a strong, long-lasting scent is your main concern, then we suggest choosing one of our non-toxic fragrances that sounds good to you! We have scent descriptions and intensity in each listing. If you can’t find them, please let us know and we can help locate them.

If you love essential oils and their therapeutic values, go with an essential oil scent that sounds good to you based on the description! Feel free to mix the two as well, for example: use a peppermint essential oil shampoo soap for the cooling and soothing effects, and then use an apple fragranced conditioner for a long-lasting sweet fragrance.

If you just want the basics or have extreme sensitivities, then it may be wiser to stick with our unscented products.

It is helpful to read the description of each listing to see what might be best for you – that alone can help narrow it down! If you are still unsure after reading the descriptions, reach out to use and we will do our best to determine what might be the most complimentary fit for you based on your requests and concerns 🙂

Thank you for reading our guide to choosing our haircare products, that’s it for now! If you have any other questions, please contact us – we’re always happy to help.

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