Facial Soap Directions

How To Use Our Facial Soaps

INTRODUCTION: Our Facial Soap Bars are intended to help reduce the waste of plastic containers that are so often chosen for convenience with liquid facial cleansers and washes. This being said, it often takes more time and effort to use natural soap bars, but it is well worth it in the end. Not only do you end up with a clean and naturally nourished face, you also end up with a cleaner environment! 

To start, make sure your hands are washed clean with soap and water. Rinse your hands and face and do not dry off. Remove any make up with our whipped tallow cream. If your face is already clear of makeup, go ahead and lather the face soap and water in your hands, then apply lather to face, rubbing in circular, gentle motions for a minute or less. Rinse off and pat dry with a clean cloth. Finish with more whipped tallow if you have dry and flaky skin, or let skin dry without moisturizer if you have either acne and/or an oily complexion!

Extend the Life of Your Soap

Keep in a dry and safe place out of reach of small children and out of direct sunlight on one of our soap dishes for best results and a longer-lasting bar.

We recommend our soap dishes for storing your soap! You can find them here, Soap Dish .