What if my item arrives damaged or defective?

We’re very sorry to hear your item arrived damaged/defective (not safe to use, broken, incurred loss, became impractical, or unable to use) and we understand this inconvenient frustration. Please contact us with your name or order number, and photographic proof within 7 days of delivery date shown on tracking so we can make it right with a complete or partial replacement or refund with an in-store credit coupon code IF we determine that the item is truly damaged or defective in a way that decreases its practical value, or would not be fit for use. This is up to our discretion based on photographic evidence or another form of evidence through postal tracking.

If your item arrived “imperfect yet usable” you may apply for a handling/shipping insurance refund in store credit using the same methods and restrictions above.

Please keep in mind that we are free to use good and fair discretion when considering these types of applications. We may require you to keep and record all evidence (packaging materials included) for proof of these claims. This does not include items which were on sale for said imperfection made aware to buyer before purchase as a product variation. This does not include all/any imperfections a buyer may see or potentially replicate and/or fix themselves.

Unacceptable insurance/handling fee refund in store credit claim examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • a soap dent which does not impair function
  • a soap air pocket that does not impair use or value
  • a melted product in which no product can be shown as lost in the packaging itself
  • Beading of whipped tallow due to temperature fluctuations that does not decrease practical use.
  • No damages (decreases in value) to the practical use of the product.
  • Illegible price tags or manufacture dates (batch productions are recorded for any requested reference).

Acceptable applications for handling/insurance fee refund in store credit claims may include, but are not limited to:

  • Soiled labels or containers on other products from another damaged/broken/spilled product from the same package.
  • A container which looks impaired but is in fact not (i.e. a bubble or abnormal line or feature in a glass container)
  • Customs fees from international deliveries (we will need copy of receipt)
  • A package which took too long to arrive according to the tracking information and depending upon shipping method selected (over 2 weeks for domestic shipments and over 30 days for international shipments from day of shipment)
  • Missing, incorrect, damaged, or defective items.
  • Slightly melted items that incur a substantial LOSS of product which can be clearly shown in packaging.
  • Package was declared lost, stuck in transit for over 15-30 days from shipment, or location is declared unknown as shown on tracking information.

Applications for handling/insurance refunds on product imperfections in which the product is still usable, functioning to practical standards, not substantially lost in the package, or without substantial proof of evidence will be subject for more consideration and a higher probability of claim rejection.

Thank you for understanding our policies! We strive to be upfront and fair for all parties involved.

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