What do I do if my package is late or lost?


Is your delivery running late? We ask that you wait four additional business days beyond your Expected Delivery Date. If your package still has not arrived by that time, please contact us.

NOTE: Please be sure to check around for your package; some carriers leave packages in hidden places so it cannot be seen from the street. Check to see if someone else, like a neighbor or an Apartment Office Manager, accepted delivery on your behalf.

Didn’t receive your order marked as “delivered”? 
First check to make sure you entered the correct shipping address in your order confirmation email. If the address was incorrect and the package is returned back to us, we will refund the product amount in store credit minus the cost of shipping and a 25% restocking fee. If the package was delivered to the incorrect address and not returned to us, we cannot provide a replacement or refund even on insured packages.

We ask that you please allow two additional business days past the “delivered” scan as the carrier may have accidentally scanned the delivery too early. If your package still has not arrived, check first with your postal carrier as it could be held at the post office or nearest holding facility due to trouble delivering. If they could not determine correct delivery, they will often return to sender, which will show up on the tracking information. If it is not held at the post office or holding facility and still has not arrived, please read our page: My Package Is Marked “Delivered” But I Never Received It.

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