What if my package is late or lost?

Is your delivery running late? 

Please note: We are so sorry if you experience any inconveniences while receiving our packages. Please be assured that we do our very best to make the highest-quality products for our customers and to send them out as quickly and accurately as humanly possible. If anything could have been done better on our part we will make it right as fast as we can! We have a strict policy of sending out packages no later than 3 business days from order placement, even on the busiest of holidays. We have receipts that show proof of where and when we handed the package directly over to the postal service. We only know as much as the tracking information shows regarding the whereabouts and shipping status of any package. We are not privy to, nor do we have access to, any special information regarding the postal service’s shipments and deliveries. We know just as much as the tracking status shows, which the recipient also has full access to. After we hand our packages over to the post office we have NO CONTROL over the whereabouts of packages. We are not affiliated with, nor connected to the post office in any way: we are simply customers of the postal services as any other person would be. No postal service will guarantee their delivery time estimates. All online orders are privileged to our commercial shipping rates plus full insurance on proof of LOST or DAMAGED packages for the services received. The postal service will NOT refund or reimburse LATE or DELAYED shipping services unless it is considered LOST when we file a claim after 15-30 days of non-delivery from tracking being accepted at postal services.

If your package still hasn’t shown up after the end of the last day of your original expected delivery date, there are 4 steps we can take to remedy this rare and inconvenient situation:

  1. First we need to make sure you entered the shipping information correctly via your order confirmation email or in your account’s order history. If it is correct then we proceed to step 2. If the shipping information you entered was incorrect, these instances are not covered by any insurance. You will need to attempt to file a package intercept or something similar with your postal provider hopefully before it is delivered to the wrong address, which is often an extra fee. However, if the package is returned to us due to a non-existent address or rejection, we may issue a store credit refund to your order’s email minus a -25% restocking fee and shipping costs depending upon condition of return.
  2. We check your package’s shipment status with your postal provider. If you have a package’s tracking number, you also have access to the package tracking information using the tracking number found in your shipment confirmation email. Contact us for your tracking number if you cannot find it in your spam. If your package’s tracking information is up to date and still on it’s way although delayed, please wait a few more days past the latest original estimated delivery date for it to be delivered. If your package has not moved in tracking for a few days or is not out for delivery, please proceed to step 3. If your package is marked as delivered yet wasn’t received, please visit our page: My Package Is Marked “Delivered” In Tracking, But I Never Received It.
  3. If you bring a package to our attention which has had no recent tracking updates and is a few days past the original estimated delivery date, we will open a missing mail search with your postal provider to determine if the package may be lost or delayed for some reason. If after 15 days from the date of tracking shipment the package is still is not located (30 days for Canada packages) we can file a case claim and we will coordinate the case process with the postal provider to determine the final status of the package. If you need your package sooner, you may place another order as a replacement in the meantime by sending us a request or we will offer you to use coupon code “LOST” for a one-time use discount while the postal service determines the location of your package. We cannot issue a refund until the next step is complete because most packages are found during this time. If you receive the delayed package after we ship your replacement package, you may have the postal service send it back to us without opening it for a full refund to your payment method. If you decide to keep the delayed package you may send the replacement package back without opening it for a full refund to your payment method. If you decide to keep both, no refunds will be given.
  4. In the occurrence that your package’s case is closed as a LOST PACKAGE, we will process a complete refund in the form of store credit sent to your order’s email, or if you ordered a shipped replacement package before the refund was given, you will be refunded to your payment method. You can use your store credit as a coupon code during checkout when you place another order. The postal service’s process of marking a package as truly lost may take up to 30 days from the date of the original package acceptance on the tracking. We will send out your refund in store credit as soon as possible when we are informed of the postal service’s final decision regarding your package. Bear in mind that we may require your signature on the postal claim for not receiving the package before we can issue your full refund in store credit (or payment method if you placed a replacement method).

We appreciate your patience and understanding as the quality of postal services are out of our control and we do offer multiple choices of postal service providers during checkout for your selection. Thank you for your cooperation as we do our very best as a small company to provide high quality business services in our control.

Didn’t receive your order marked as “delivered”? 

Visit our page: My Package Is Marked “Delivered” In Tracking, But I Never Received It.

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