Baby Lavender Testimonial

OMG! This is the best conditioner ever. My ringlets are in tact and it’s a true coconut smell. My very favorite conditioner! The coconut is simply the best, and after rinsing, I like to do a couple swipes on the ends of my hair before I scrunch my curls. Excellent leave in conditioner, a little goes a very long way! Amazing. Love the smell, and such a work of art! Such a generous sample too! You’ve stumbled onto something truly great! Thank you 🙂


” Hey Mariah I wanted to get these pictures to you. I love your stuff so much. The first picture was from a recent store bought shampoo and conditioner wash and air-dried. The next is from your shampoopy and your conditioner bar and air-dried as well. Huge difference! Thank you so much for your wonderful products! I’m in love with my hair for the first time in my life! Thank you for that. ”

“My hair feels really light and bouncy afterward using these shampoo bars 🙂 I can’t believe how light it actually felt, it was lovely! … I used it on my son’s hair and it worked a treat on him. He has fine hair which is really light. It felt so soft and light when I used it on him :)”Watch her unboxing here:
Lavender & Lilac Testimony

” Ever since around the age of ten, I have had skin issues which have gotten increasingly worse. I was sensitive to all soaps. They would make me itch until I bled and would make my skin very red, barren and sore. This led me to many different soaps. Even Dermol (a prescription soap) made no differences. Everything made me itch. The smell never lasted and I stopped using soap altogether, to others’ dismay. I stunk a bit less but I’d still flake every wash. With the first wash [of PermaEarth soap], I was like a snowstorm but it wasn’t irritating to the skin, it just acted like a exfoiliant. But my skin was so smooth and the soaps are the most pleasant organic smells ever which is amazing as I find most soaps too artificial. Five washes in, and I will forever use these soaps and hope to make my own one day! With Love, Ieuan from Wales in the UK 🙂 “

Mermaid Sea Silk Testimonial
“My hair was so frizzy and dry. After using the conditioner bar it’s sooo much less frizzy and my curls are more defined. My hair looks more vibrant! This literally made a difference in 1 use! My hair nowfeels softer not as “crunchy”. I’m definitely going to be ordering more products and sharing with my friends! Thank you!”
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