Soap Schedule

It takes 4-6 weeks for cold-process soap to be ready to use after we make it. At the moment, please expect us to be out of stock for at least 4-6 weeks once a soap sells out.

If you would like a soap bar back in stock sooner, please let us know and we will put that higher on our list of remakes!


NEW & Limited Edition Items:

• “Christmas Sweater” Hand and Body (50)
– Online by November 28th

• “Snowflake Silk” ALL-IN-ONE Bars (30)
– Online by December 2nd
$13.00 for a 4 oz bar/$15 for a 5 oz Bar

• “Strawberry Chocolate Cake” Hand and Body (50)
– Online by

Have not remade YET:

• Walnut Scrub
(remaking 100 soon)

• Wild Rose Blossom All-In-One Bars
(remaking 100)

• Strawberry Chocolate Wine All-In-One Bars
(remaking 100)


ALL-IN-ONE Soap Bars:

• Green Tea & Aloe (30 bars)

HAND & BODY Soap Bars: Made only with lard, buttermilk, fragrance, and color
$9 per bar (suggest something and we might make it!)

• Pumice Sand Scrub


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Thank you very much for shopping with us!! We wish you and our future generations the absolute best in health and happiness❤