Soap Schedule

It takes 4-8 weeks for cold-process soap to be ready to use after we make it. This is called the “curing time”. We may be out of stock for 4-8 weeks once a soap sells out. Please contact us if you have a remake request.

– Perma-Earth Team

Cold process soap has a 4-8 week cure time plus we are considering the longer than usual wait for our supplies due to national crises. We are doing our best to supply your skin and hair with the highest quality and most nutritient-dense body products!

If you would like a soap bar back in stock sooner, please let us know and we will put that higher on our list of remakes.


• “Simply Clean” Tallow Soap – July 9

• “Coffee & Cacao” All In One Bars – July 30

NEW & Limited Editions:

Remaking Soon:

• “Crisp Apple Cider” All In One Bars (remaking 100 soon)

• “Unicorn Candy Silk” All in One Bars (remaking 100 soon, needs time to process silk)

• More Tallow Hand & Body Soaps

• More Lard Hand & Body Soaps

COMING SOON: suggest something and we might make it!

• “Peach Nectarine” All in One Bars

• “Grapefruit & Basil” All in One Bars

• “Celestial” Hand & Body Soap

• “Cherry Bomb Pop” Hand & Body Soap


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Thank you very much for shopping with us!! We wish you and our future generations the absolute best in health and happiness❤