Return Policies & Guidelines

We want you to love it! Return any unopened/unused products within 30 days of in-store purchase or package delivery for any reason.

Returns are refunded as store credit in the form of a gift card code sent to your order’s email address and may be subject to a -10% restock fee. We kindly ask that return shipment fees are covered by the customer.

If at any time you’re not fairly satisfied with the quality of our products, you may return them to our store following the instructions below for a full refund of the item(s), subject to the terms of our Return Policy – detailed below.


  • If you receive a damaged, defective, or wrong item in your shipped order, please send us pictures immediately: contact us right away with your name and order number so we can make it right as quickly as possible!


  • Online purchases may not be exchanged by mail, but they may be returned. Our return process is listed below. Once a successful return is completed, you will refunded with store credit sent to your order’s email and will be subject to a -10% restock fee: this is detailed below.

For Used Products

  • If the reason for your return of a used item is that you have a visible claim (i.e. a rash or other visible irritation), we will need the details of your experience as well as photographic proof with the product in the photo to process your return and refund. You may contact us with your order number or other details to start this process.
  • Please note that if your negative experience has been forewarned about in the item’s description or is a misuse of the product (for instance: using soap, essential oils, magnesium, or other possibly irritating ingredients on sensitive areas, open wounds, or around the eyes, or around young children…) we do not consider this a negative experience that would warrant a refund.
  • Please note that we do not suggest using any topical products on an open wound without a physician’s approval.
  • We are not liable for misuse of a product without respect of our warnings or common sense precautions, please note that it is the consumer’s responsibility to be aware of any unique sensitivities or necessary precautions they must take for their or their dependent’s body.
  • We do not consider scent dissatisfaction alone to be an acceptable reason for a refund and return on a used product. Please sniff your product long and deep before you use it to determine if you like the smell or not, then decide if you wish to return it. We offer scent strength information on all of our products, and we do accept returns for scent dissatisfaction on unused items (subject to a -10% restock fee)!
  • We do not accept returns for used products with non-visible negative reaction claims (i.e. “I developed a headache using this product due to the scent or scent strength.”) Please gift it to someone else who will use the product without issue.

Thank you for understanding our return and refund policies.


If you still wish to process your return acceptable to our policies above, please use the step-by-step instructions below to get started:

STEP 1: Properly package your items and your order return details.

  • If you have not opened your package yet, you may take it straight back to the mail carrier for a free “Return to Sender” request and contact us with your order return information (order number and reason for return) – that’s it!
  • If your package has been opened, place your items back into the same box or in another suitable sturdy box — the one your order came in can easily be reused — along with any necessary packing materials. Remove any other shipping label information from used boxes. If your item came tightly wrapped, taped, and securely packaged, please be sure to do the same when you return the item. We are not responsible for improperly packaged returns that are damaged during shipment.
  • Print and enclose a copy of your Order Confirmation email, Shipping Confirmation email, Shipment Delivery email, or other (described below) to use as your return receipt, along with information about why you are requesting a refund.
  • If you are unable to include your confirmation email, please be sure to include a clearly legible note that contains your order number and reason for your return along with your return – or contact us with this information. If your return is sent back without this information, we will not be able to process your refund.

STEP 2: Take your package to the carrier of your choice.

Mail your package to the following address:

  • Perma-Earth LLC
    Attn. Returns.
    780 W Green St.
    Scottsburg, IN 47170
  • Be sure that your return is properly insured and trackable so you’ll be able to insure that your package arrives as expected.
  • You will be responsible for the shipping cost of your return.
  • Keep the tracking information until your return has been processed.

Once we receive your items, we’ll send you a Return Order Confirmation email with all the details.

STEP 3: Please allow up to 21 business days for us to receive your return and process your credit, detailed below.

How Will I Be Refunded?

60 days or less from the order or delivery date, all returns will be credited as in-store credit in the form of an e-gift card. An E-Gift Card will be issued and emailed to you at the email address associated with the original order once the return and refund process is complete. You will be able to use your in-store credit refund immediately. If you paid with a Gift Card or E-Gift Card, a new E-Gift Card will be issued and emailed to you: the old gift card remains invalid. Refund amounts will not include shipping and handling charges. All applicable promotions, discounts, offers, free items (as part of a qualifying purchase) and coupons granted at the time of purchase will be prorated and applied to the refund amount. Once the return is processed, we will send an email confirmation of your in-store credit and e-gift card issuance.

What if my item arrives damaged or defective?