Below you will find our complete list of shops that stock one or more of our products. If you are interested in becoming one of our retailers, please visit our wholesale page for more information on wholesale ordering and customizations.

  • Address201 Moser Road, Louisville, KY 40223
  • Phone number– (502) 654-7100
  • Contact or visit for prices and ingredient lists
    • 502 Hemp CBD Lotion Tubes made by Perma-Earth
      • Unscented
      • Lavender with Chamomile
    • 502 Hemp Lip Balms made by Perma-Earth
      • Berry Watermelon
      • Vanilla Sugar
      • Piña Colada
      • Peppermint Candy
    • Perma-Earth Products:
      • Patchouli Hemp All-In-One Soap Bars
      • Himalayan Buttercream All-In-One Soap Bars
      • Conditioner Bars