Vanilla Sugar Butter Balm



Small Tube: 5.5 g | 1/5 oz

Large Tube: 17.5 g | 3/5 oz

Moisturize your skin and lips with the best and most gentle 6 ingredients on the planet: local grassfed tallow, local grassfed ghee, local raw beeswax, local raw honey, pure lanolin, and natural Vitamin E!

With the addition of sweet vanilla buttercream flavor oil for a sweet and sensual experience!

Smells and tastes exactly like the ingredients (if you expected anything less): tallow (beef fat), ghee (clarified cultured butter), lanolin (sheep’s wool oil) and honey. So if it smells like a buttery steak with a hint of cheese and lamb, that’s the integrity of our ingredients shining through!

The Best Ingredients:

  • Pasture-raised and grassfed tallow is naturally high in Vitamins A, D, E & K with super fats that closely resemble the sebum of human skin for superior moisturization.
  • Pasture-raised and grassfed local ghee is naturally high in Vitamins A, D, E & K with the addition of cultures, lactic acid and proteins from our handcrafted butter for extra alpha-hydroxy acids that are so well known in skincare for a youthful glow.
  • Local raw beeswax adds an extra protective layer to the skin as well as a natural humectant which attracts moisture to the skin and holds it in!
  • Pure sheep’s lanolin is a highly effective emollient for the skin, helping to soothe even the most dry and dehydrated skin. This is the main ingredient in some mass-produced favorite balms.
  • Local raw honey adds a drop of natural sweetness along with antioxidants, enzymes, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.
  • Pure and natural Vitamin E derived from plant oils for a touch of preservation and ultimate skin softness.

Compostable push-up tubes combined with 90% local ingredients makes this one of the most eco-friendly balms available!

**If tube cap doesn’t fit snug enough to your satisfaction, you may briefly soak the cap in water (no more than a minute) then let dry completely so that it will expand to a tighter fit.**

Local Grassfed Tallow, Local Grassfed Ghee, Local Raw Beeswax, Flavor Oil, Pure Lanolin, Local Raw Honey, and Natural Vitamin E

Small Tube: 5.5 g | 1/5 oz

Large Tube: 17.5 g | 3/5 oz

Small Tube:

Length 3 in | 7.6 cm

Diameter 0.75 in | 1.9 cm


Large Tube:

Length 3.25 in | 8.3 cm

Diameter 1 in | 2.5 cm

Sweet, vanilla buttercream scent from skin-safe flavor oils.

INTENSITY: Light – Medium


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