Sugar Wax 4 oz


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No Strips • Easy Clean • Organic

4 oz | 113 g

With only 3 organic ingredients, this ancient yet simple sugar wax recipe has stood the test of time!

Top 8 Sugaring Benefits:

  1. No strips necessary, just use your hands!
  2. No heating necessary at room temperature.
  3. Safe for sensitive skin.
  4. Reduces hair growth with each use.
  5. Less irritation than other hair removal.
  6. Less painful than waxing or laser.
  7. Easy clean-up; dissolves in water!
  8. All natural, organic formula! No toxins to worry about 🙂

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Manufactured by Persepholis Body© 2021 CA, USA

  1. Make sure skin is dry and clean, with the hair between ¼-½ inches long. Dusting powder is nice, but not necessary.
  2. Stretch and roll a finger-scoop of sugar wax, like taffy in your hands, until it turns into a small opaque ball.
  3. Press ball onto your skin, up against the direction of hair growth. Stretch wax across a small target area of hairy skin.
  4. Holding skin taut, pull wax away from skin in the direction of hair growth and parallel with your body.
  5. Reuse ball until not sticky anymore, then discard and make a new wax ball to continue removing unwanted hair.
  • Reduced Hair Growth ideally, wax removal pulls hair from the epidermis by the roots, which causes hair to grow back less frequently and thinner than before.
  • Slight Irritation as with all wax removals, it can cause some redness and swelling around the waxed site. This can be reduced by using dusting powder beforehand (cornstarch) and applying your favorite non-irritating moisturizer afterward (preferably unscented or lightly scented).

A little like caramelized sugar and lemon juice!

Light to None

Organic Lemon Juice, Organic Sugar, and Pure Filtered Water.


oz | g | mL

Approximately: 2.75″ × 2.3″ | 7 cm × 6 cm


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