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We only have these items available for samples:

  • Soap Bars $3-$10 each depending on size(shampoo, lard, tallow, cleaning, etc.) We normally always have soap and shampoo soap samples available, but the choices are limited as of 10/12/21: 11 Himalayan Buttercream Unscented AIO (All In One Shampoo), 3 Deep Woods AIO, 4 Bourbon & Whiskey AIO, 2 Cocoa & Cashmere AIO, 11 Tussah Sea Silk AIO, 8 Honey Ale & Egg Yolk AIO, 3 Tea Tree & Nettle AIO, 5 Egg Yolk & Turmeric AIO, 2 Citrus Basil AIO, 4 Raw Honey & Lemon Peel AIO, 1 Shampoopy AIO, 2 Wild Rose Blossom AIO, 17 Miracle Mud AIO, 6 Black Walnut Scrub, 5 Face the Day, 1 Coffee Scrub, 2 Atlantis LB (Lard and Buttermilk), 1 Cactus Flower LB, 2 Orange Peel LB , 5 Charcoal & Aloe TB (Tallow and Buttermilk), 3 Green Clover & Aloe TB, 13 Simply Clean TB, 12 Citrus Sunrise TB, 1 Cedar & Pine Patchouli TB, 2 Rosemary TB, 9 Tea Rose TB, 1 Peppermint TB, 8 Coffee Bean TB, 4 Lemon poppy TB.
  • Conditioner Bars – these go fast! We may or may not have them. As of 10/12/21 we are OUT!!
  • Tallow Deodorants. As of 10/12/21 we only have a few left, $3-5 each (1 cocoa & cashmere, 1 vanilla sugar, 2 barbershop)
  • Lotion Bars $5-$7 each (5 Coffee & Vanilla,  and 2 lavender woods, 2 skin food) , 3 Bug Off Lotion Bars at $3 each as of 10/12/21
  • Whipped Tallows – these go fast! We may or may not have them. As of 10/12/21 we have for $5 each (1 Breathe Easy, 7 Bug Off, 1 Pumpkin Spice, 1 Damask Rose, 3 Frankincense Myrrh Sandalwood, and 9 Patchouli Hemp Sandalwood. For $12 each we have Blue Tansy Aloe with Hyaluronic Acid.

We will most likely NEVER have water or milk-based lotions/creams samples available for safety and environmental reasons because 1. they are sensitive to contamination 2. they need special containment 3. we avoid plastic packaging at all costs


MOST SAMPLES ARE $3-$5 each!

If you are wanting specific samples please specify them in your order note before completing checkout!

If you do not specify, we will choose random samples for you based on purchase price.

NO SPECIFIC SAMPLE IS GUARANTEED TO BE AVAILABLE – **if you only want a specific kind and would rather not have a sample otherwise, specify this in your order note and we will cancel/refund this item from your order (including shipping costs) if we do not have it available!**

  • Wanting to try our various products but not ready for a full size purchase?
  • Choose from a single sample or an assortment of our most recently made and upcoming products, from shampoos, soaps and conditioner bars to deodorants and whipped tallows…
  • Products you receive will be based on what is available at the time.
  • If you order multiple samples or sets without specifying your desires in your order note, you may get the same samples or same sets depending on what is available.

*If you have preferences please put them in your order note at the end of checkout, but there are no guarantees you will receive your preference as it depends on availability of samples. So, if you are determined on a specific sample and would rather cancel it if we do not have it, please specify this in your order note!*

Thank you for deciding to try us out, we would love to hear how the samples treat you in a review – make sure to create an account during checkout to leave reviews and view your previous orders!!


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6 reviews for Samples **LIMITED : READ DESCRIPTION!!!**

  1. Alexandra Brooks (verified owner)

    Oh my gosh!!! I got so much for my sample. I’m in love. My favorite things from my sample are the dream cream and oatmeal honey shampoo bar. I use these regularly and they both will last me a long while. I’m so happy with this! I also got the small conditioner samples, which weren’t enough for me (but great for a small sample, still) and they smelled great. Looking to get new samples soon to get a taste of more products. Do recommend!

  2. FELICIA HOLTKAMP (verified owner)

    Great selection of samples! This is a great way to try some new items without the full commitment.

  3. FELICIA HOLTKAMP (verified owner)

    I got the dream cream in the deluxe sample and its really lovely! I enjoyed going through my samples. Who doesn’t love a surprise!?

  4. Karinne Herriott (verified owner)

    I was very pleased with my samples! A very good selection and I’ve enjoyed what I’ve tried so far.

  5. Stephanie Ryder (verified owner)

    Great selection of samples, now I know a few new things I’ll be getting in full size.

  6. KS (verified owner)

    I really enjoy the sampler sets. I like the idea of random samples — It’s like opening a present. The samples are a very decent size. My favorites have been the miracle mud, egg yolk & turmeric shampoo soap, and the apple & sage conditioner bar.

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