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    An unscented, pure and simple organic deodorant for those with sensitive skin or desiring discrete body odor control.

    Scent Strength: Light to None

    2.5oz of natural deodorant made with USDA certified organic ingredients.
    Packaged in a biodegradable or recyclable PUSH-UP container.
    Long-lasting and effective with up to 24 hours of odor control.
    (made in a facility that also processes gluten, please use caution if extremely allergic)

    Our deodorants help reduce the waste of plastic containers that are often chosen for convenience. It takes more effort to use natural deodorant, but you end up odor-free and in a cleaner environment!

    Apply very lightly on clean and moist armpits with a few swipes.  Allow to absorb into skin for 5 or more minutes before dressing – do not over-apply as it will rub off onto clothing and rub between skin, causing irritation.

    STORAGE: The tubes should be stored in a dry area and outside of direct heat or sunlight.

    EXPIRATION: We recommend using your deodorant within a year for best results. If the fats inside start to go rancid it could smell “off” or develop spots.

    TUBE CONTAINER: If your compostable tube has been pushed up too much, you can use the lid of the tube to gently push it back down. If the lid has became loose and keeps popping off, you can soak it in water, careful not to let it sit in the water for too long ( a few seconds is plenty), then allow it to dry completely before putting it back on the tube. It should have a tighter fit after the short soak.

    Irritation may occur due to baking soda.  To help prevent this, you can eliminate razor bumps and burns with our shaving soaps.

    Using a natural deodorant for the first time may cause a “detoxing period”.   It is your body’s way of releasing trapped toxins from using an antiperspirant which prevents natural sweat detoxification.  You may notice that your sweat contains a dark-colored substance.  You can wear dark-colored or multi-layered clothing during this stage, which may last up to several weeks.

    Irritation may also accompany the detoxing process, but should pass along with the dark perspiration.  If irritation persists or becomes serious, please discontinue use and seek medical advice.

    Unscented – any scent detected is from the nature of the ingredients.

    Non-Aluminum Baking Soda, Cornstarch*, Local Raw Beeswax, Local Pasture-Raised Lard, Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil*/**, Shea Butter*/**, Sunflower Oil*, and Vitamin E.
    *USDA Certified Organic Ingredient / ** Certified Fair Trade Ingredient

    2.5 oz | 70 g

    Approximately 2″ × 3.5″

    Due to the natural and handcrafted quality of our products and ingredients, we cannot guarantee exact replicas of texture, scent or feel of every batch.

    Since we use local, hand-processed animal products and other nature-based ingredients, our batches fully depend on quality of processing, time of year, and what the nutrition source was in that season. Please do not expect big business chemical results from our small, local, and natural business.

    Our statements and user claims are not approved by the FDA. We are required to state that these claims are not intended to cure, prevent, treat, mitigate, or alter any disease or diagnosis.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the possible side-effects from using our products or their ingredients, please consult with your healthcare practitioner and contact us. We appreciate any feedback from using our products.

    1 review for Simply Fresh Deodorant

    1. Austin Cavelli (verified owner)

      Great product. Keeps me completely dry for 24 hours. My only issue is with the packaging in the cardboard as it can clump around the sides of the tube upon application. Otherwise, highly recommend!

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