Lavender Woods Lotion Bar & Tube

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Vanilla lavender cookies, earthy cedarwood and lemon tarts this all-natural scent is composed of pure essential oils and infused chamomile flower acts as a calming aromatherapy lotion!

Scent Strength: Light

Let your skin experience truly nourishing moisturization, WITHOUT the drying alcohol or other questionable chemicals currently lurking about in regular lotions. Our eco-friendly, plastic-free lotion bars and tubes contain many certified organic ingredients, further reducing the amount of harmful chemicals applied to your bare skin (that literally absorbs what you put on it). A little goes a long way since this lotion is not diluted with water or alcohol, which makes it very long-lasting for a full day of moisturization. Our lotion bars do not leave a greasy residue when applied lightly, but a matte finish instead due to our special ingredients listed below.

INGREDIENTS: Local Raw Beeswax, Local Pasture-Raised Lard, Babassu Oil*, Shea Butter*/**, Cocoa Butter*/**, Baobab Oil*, Castor Oil*, Borage Seed Oil* infused with Lavender, Essential Oils of Lavender, Cedar, Lemon, Vanilla Oleoresin, Tapioca Starch*, and Vitamin E (for preservation). Read more about the benefits of our ingredients here.
* Certified Organic / ** Certified Fair Trade

WEIGHT: 2.75 oz | 78 g

Your choice of:

• Compostable Push-Up Tube

• Reusable Tin Container (TIN ONLY – NO BAR)

• Bar Only in Compostable Bag (or in tin if you add a tin to you order) and Wrapped in Biodegradable Biolefin Shrinkwrap.

• Small 1 oz Trial Wafer Wrapped in Biodegradable Biolefin Shrinkwrap.

DIRECTIONS: Simply apply after your shower or bath routine but BEFORE drying off. Glide the lotion bar across all areas of the skin (or face) as you wish, then let the lotion absorb onto the skin’s surface and air dry. This allows a much faster application to your clean skin and locks in the nourishing moisture before you dress. Or apply at any time throughout the day! You can also find more at Lotion Bar Directions .

PRECAUTIONS: Can melt if placed in heat or direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Best used within 1 year of purchase. In the rare case of allergic reaction, stop use immediately, contact us and consult with your physician.

∇ Statements not approved by the FDA. Not intended to treat, cure, or prevent disease.






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2 reviews for Lavender Woods Lotion Bar & Tube

  1. FELICIA HOLTKAMP (verified owner)

    I don’t use this lotion bar as lotion so I can’t review it as such, but I will say I love it to tame my hair. I just rub a bit on my finger tips and rub in the ends. I have dry, wavy hair and it really makes it look great without weighing it down. A tiny bit is all I need. I love it.

  2. primeval.alchemist (verified owner)

    This feels nothing like liquid lotion. Nor should it. Fats, waxes, and most unrefined plant moisturizers (oils and butter) do not come in liquid forms, so why does lotion? Because it’s not nourishing whole foods but chemical isolates (no matter how natural!) sealing the skin shut to give the illusion of hydration until it wears or washes off. After giving up on lotion, this was a wonderful find.
    The bar is multi purpose working on body, face, hands and cuticles, even on hair, beards, and brows as a styler!
    I use this as a nightly eye balm, on cheeks, nose and forehead when out in the sun, and even as a light deodorant on underarms.
    This scent is a wonderful woody floral, playing well with other scents.

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