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    Beer is full of B vitamins like Biotin and Silica, powerful agents for skin and hair growth, strength and beauty! Due to its infusion of hops and brewers yeast, beer is a natural source of these vitamins. Reap the benefits of beer for your hair in a shampoo as you attain a silky-smooth cleanse!

    Bursting with natural vitamins, minerals and complete fats, this is one of the most nourishing shampoo bars you will ever find. Expertly blended with an all-natural India Pale Ale on top of a base of pasture-raised local lard and grassfed buttermilk, this will truly feed your hair and skin from the outside-in!

    Topped with natural coarse sea salt, peppercorns, and kefir lime leaves for an artisanal effect.

    • Beer (Natural India Pale Ale) is high in hops and very nourishing for hair growth – plus it’s a natural emollient to help the hair and scalp retain moisture for a longer period of time – great for dryness!
    • Organic Castor Oil for stimulating hair growth
    • Organic and Fair Trade Cocoa and Shea Butters for reducing frizz and extra deep moisturization
    • Organic Hemp, Baobab and Jojoba Oils for reducing breakage and split ends while providing a luxurious silky texture!
    • Kaolin clay provides a silky-smooth shave while soothing the scalp, helps with dandruff and encourages hair growth

    Statements not approved by the FDA. Not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

    • Hair Growth Our shampoo bars tend to cause faster and thicker hair growth. As an effect, more frequent colorings or treatments may be needed for treated hair.
    • Colored & Treated Hair Our shampoo bars tend to have no effect on the shade of permanently colored hair or texture treatments. However, semi or demi-permanent hair-colorings or texture treatments can wash out faster due to the vigorous washing method required for a natural shampoo soap lather. We ask these customers to weigh the benefit of healthier, thicker and faster-growing hair with their more frequent semi-permanent hair treatments.
    • Curly & Textured Hair Our shampoo bars are sulfate-free and totally natural, therefore they will strengthen the natural disulfide bonds in your hair, which will bring out your natural hair texture. Your natural hair texture usually has more volume, curl and definition than what you are used to while using detergent or sulfate-base haircare products.
    • Healthier & Cleaner Our shampoo bars help reduce the waste of water transport, plastic containers, and dispensers that are so often chosen for convenience with liquid conditioners and shampoos. It often takes more time and effort to use natural shampoo bars, but it’s well worth it in the end. Not only do you end up with clean and naturally nourished hair, you also end up with a cleaner environment!

    Naturally scented like a citrusy and woody ale with pure essential oils of refreshing orange, earthy cedarwood, musky patchouli, and sweet ylang ylang! This bar not only has all the benefits of anti-microbial essentials, but they also provide an amazing scent to go with it!

    INTENSITY: Light to Medium

    Saponified Pasture-Raised Local Lard, Babassu Oil*, Local Grass-fed Buttermilk, Malted Barley, Whole-Cone Hops, Brewers Yeast, Shea Butter*/**, Cocoa Butter*/**, Castor Oil*, Baobab Oil*, Virgin Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil*, Golden Jojoba Oil*, Essential Oils [Orange, Cedar, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang], Kaolin Clay, Cacao Powder*/**, Turmeric*, Cacao Powder*/**, Black Charcoal and Food-Grade Titanium Dioxide.

    * Certified Organic / ** Certified Fair Trade

    Approximately 3.5 oz | 100 g

    3″ × 2.2″ × 1″

    Read Detailed Instructions HERE

    Prewet your shampoo bar.

    Deeply soak your hair.

    Brush or rub your prewetted bar directly onto your dripping wet hair and head until enough amount remains to thoroughly lather all soap remnants throughout the hair.

    Add a little bit of water, not enough to wash away the soap though.

    Massage deeply into the hair and scalp.

    Work to achieve a thick and foamy lather all over your hair and scalp – this is extremely important. If you do not achieve this, you will need to apply more soap or a little water to work it up. Do not let lather sit in hair for too long after a good lather is achieved.

    Immediately rinse well after a thorough lather is acheived all throughout the hair and scalp.

    We recommend to use one of our conditioners afterwards.

    Dry/style hair as normal.

    Repeat the washing process if needed.

    If this is your first time using a totally natural shampoo soap, then you will probably need to wash again as natural shampoos loosen the silicones and waxes from the hair that sulfate-based or detergent-based shampoos leave behind. Our clay-based formula helps with this natural detox, but it can take multiple washes (7-10) to completely get the desired results. We highly recommend washing at least once or twice per day for beginners to quicken the detox period. After the detox period is complete (7-10 washes) and/or you are getting the desired results, we recommend not washing your hair more than once per day or going up to a week between washes! Many customers find they need to wash their hair less with our shampoo soap bars! Most customers wash their hair every other day or every 3 days.

    Do not wash your hair more than twice per day (24 hour period).

    Store your bar in a well-ventilated place, away from water, and out of direct sunlight or heat exposure.

    Best to allow to dry completely between uses.

    One soap bar can last 10-60 shampoo washes depending on hair length and thickness.

    Practice makes perfect! ♥

    Due to the natural and handcrafted quality of our products and ingredients, we cannot guarantee exact replicas of texture, scent or feel of every batch.

    Since we use local, hand-processed animal products and other nature-based ingredients, our batches fully depend on quality of processing, time of year, and what the nutrition source was in that season. Please do not expect big business chemical results from our small, local, and natural business.

    Our statements and user claims are not approved by the FDA. We are required to state that these claims are not intended to cure, prevent, treat, mitigate, or alter any disease or diagnosis.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the possible side-effects from using our products or their ingredients, please consult with your healthcare practitioner and contact us. We appreciate any feedback from using our products.

    We gladly accept returns on any unused items with 30 days of purchase or delivery, which may be subject to a -10% restock fee. We kindly ask that the return shipping costs are covered by the customer.

    Returns are refunded as store credit in the form of a gift card code sent to the email address associated with the order.

    For more details on the return process and acceptable return reasons on used products, please visit https://perma-earth.com/return-policy/

    Before applying any new product to an area, please apply to a small trial area first and wait at least an hour before full application.

    Before using on children or pregnant women, please contact your pediatrician and/or obstetrician to inquire about their approval of using any product.

    We are not liable for misuse of a product without respect of our warnings or common sense precautions, please note that it is the consumer’s responsibility to be aware of any unique sensitivities or necessary precautions they must take for their or their dependent’s body.

    If there is something wrong, contact us immediately and we will do whatever we can to make it right with respect to our policies. Please remember to take photos to share with us, we will need them for any visible claims. Please use common sense when using our products and reach out to us before making a purchase if you are unsure about its correct use.

    Make sure to sniff long and deep before using the product – If you are dissatisfied with the scent, please return it to us for a full refund of the unused product!

    We offer scent strength and intensity on the details of every product’s listing online. Please do not purchase a product described as medium-to-strong scented if you are known to be sensitive to stronger scents. We are not able to process refunds on used products based solely on scent dissatisfaction. Even 100% natural products can cause sensitivity in some users.

    We cannot accept online order exchanges. We can only accept cancellations (before shipment has commenced), return credit, and/or refunds as store credit. We apologize for any inconvenience!

    Purchaser accepts all shop policies upon checkout. A box will be check-marked before any payment can be completed. The checked box indicates that purchaser has read and agreed to all links of our shop policies: https://perma-earth.com/policies/

    When you first start using shampoo soaps you will go through them a lot faster than after you adjust – this is due to the detox/adjustment period for most beginners. Here is an article about this if you are interested: https://perma-earth.com/shampoo-soap-detox-for-beginners/
    We recommend washing 2 times per day in the beginning (first time users) until you have no detox symptoms. If you don’t have any detox symptoms, that’s great! Sometimes these symptoms are just a result of not properly washing (not applying and lathering enough), which causes soap residue in certain places and feels much like the detox symptoms. Here is our article about how to wash properly: https://perma-earth.com/directions/soap-directions/
    So it can take a beginner as little as 7-10 days* (14-20 washes*) to go through 1 full size (3.0-3.5 ounce) shampoo soap. Once the new user has adjusted, they often start to go every 1-2 days* without washing, and finally up to washing only once a week* in some cases. Therefore, once a user has become experienced and comfortable with properly using shampoo soaps, 1 shampoo soap bar can last one user up to 1 to 3 months* if they only use it for washing their hair and they store it properly (covered in directions link above).
    *Hair length, thickness, texture, and level of oil/grease/dirt to cleanse will affect this number. The longer, thicker, dirtier, and more textured your hair is, the faster you will use the shampoo soaps.

    Undetermined – this product is very shelf-stable and can last a few years from manufacture date (on price tag) before going rancid as long as it is stored in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

    Please do not attempt to refrigerate to preserve as this can hasten expiry with condensation once thawed.

    We do recommend using within 1 year of purchase for best results, as scents and contents do fade and break down over time.

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    What others are saying

    1. Bre Kafka

      Best shave!

      Bre Kafka (verified owner)

      I used this bar for only shaving and all I can say is wow! No razer burn, soft legs and smells great! Will be buying again!

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    2. Nathan Hettick

      Powerful All In One Bar! Makes My Husband Smell SO GOOD!

      Nathan Hettick (verified owner)

      My husband LOVES this bar. Its his 5-in-1 bar that he uses for everything – head to toe. Shampoo, face wash, beard wash, body wash & shaving lotion! He used to have a problem with commercial products making his skin literally flake off! When he started using this, it was an absolute game changer. No more flaky skin, and his hair felt full of volume!! The scent lasts of hours, and I personally love getting a nice light whiff of fresh hops and IPA when I give him a smooch! He will definitely cut his bar into at least two pieces next time, so when the first one runs out, he has another fresh one to use!

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    3. angelina.dickinson

      angelina.dickinson (verified owner)

      This was my first experience ever with a shampoo bar and I couldn’t be more pleased. I lucked out and had a wonderfully smooth transition period with no issues whatsoever, just perfect and beautiful hair right from the start – I’ve never had my hair look so healthy. Even more, I’m shedding less and my hair is growing faster. The best part (as if all that isn’t enough)? It’s SO shiny I didn’t think it was possible for my hair to look this nice without product. For reference, my hair is thick but finely textured and easily weighed down. It has a natural wave and is prone to frizz. I won’t ever go back to conventional hair care products. I’m sold on Mariah’s shampoo and conditioner bars for life!

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