Honey Oat – Natural Tallow & Buttermilk Soap

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Handcrafted with organic colloidal oats, raw local honey, local and grassfed buttermilk and tallow.

Sweet and Spicy: Ylang Ylang, Orange, Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Neroli and Nutmeg essential oils were combined for this natural sugary warm scent. Topped with organic oats, yellow chrysanthemums, and white peppercorns.

Scent Strength: Medium

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Saponified Local Grass-fed Tallow, Hand-Cultured Buttermilk, Organic Oats, Organic Cocoa Powder, Raw Local Honey, Essential Oils, Kaolin Clay, Herbs, and Titanium Dioxide.

Read more about the beauty benefits of natural animal products on our soap ingredients page.

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 3″ x 3″ x 1″

WEIGHT: 4 oz | 113 g

Please allow variation in size for these traditionally cut bars!






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Due to the natural and handcrafted quality of our products and ingredients, we cannot guarantee exact replicas of texture, scent or feel of every batch.

Since we use local, hand-processed animal products and other nature-based ingredients, our batches fully depend on quality of processing, time of year, and what the nutrition source was in that season. Please do not expect big business chemical results from our small, local, and natural business.

Our statements and user claims are not approved by the FDA. We are required to state that these claims are not intended to cure, prevent, treat, mitigate, or alter any disease or diagnosis.

If you have any questions or concerns about the possible side-effects from using our products or their ingredients, please consult with your healthcare practitioner and contact us. We appreciate any feedback from using our products.

3 reviews for Honey Oat – Natural Tallow & Buttermilk Soap

  1. Diana Lopez Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Smells so good, you need to get this if you love bees and honey. Glad I ordered the big bar. I use it on my face in the mornings, at night I double cleanse with the Miracle Mud leaf, which is also a great soap. First time using tallow soap and never going back. It is also exfoliates lightly, especially if you press the bar directly to your face. 🐝

  2. Irene Chiang (verified owner)

    I ordered a 1 oz leaf of this a while back and took it out for my husband to try because his hands have gotten extremely dry/chapped over the winter. Most soaps exacerbate the eczema on his hands, but this bar has actually been very gentle even with frequent hand washing. I plan to try out more of Perma-Earth’s Tallow & Buttermilk Soaps in the future. I do wish the prices were a little more affordable, because I’m obsessed!

  3. Pamela Garcia (verified owner)

    This is my first tallow soap and it’s absolutely amazing! I have eczema patches and keratosis pilaris, and in less than a week my skin feels so much smoother and softer. My skin is so sensitive but this was really soothing even on my eczema. It has a slight texture to it which helps exfoliate gently. Don’t think about it, just get it!

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