Honey Almond Conditioner Bar

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Delightful and sweet, this bar has a rich and savory honey scent base, with hints of sweet cherries and nutty almonds, made with Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils.

Scent Strength: Medium to Strong

Detangle, shine and tame your hair with our biodegradable organic conditioner bar to nourish your hair, skin, and scalp.∇

You may even apply this on your wet skin and rinse for a softening skin lotion.

Please read our conditioner bar directions before purchase or use.

Hair Type:
All kinds, from very curly and thick to very straight and thin.
Most hair and scalp types can handle full head and hair application of our new conditioner formula.

WEIGHT: Approximately 3.5 oz | 99 g  or  1.75 oz | 49 g

DIMENSIONS: 3″ x 2″ x 1″  or  2″ x 1.5″ x 1″

Handcrafted in small batches with the ultra-nourishing ingredients of :

– Organic Golden Jojoba Oil for split ends and hair health
– Organic Moroccan Argan Oil for hair strength
– Organic Castor Oil for hair growth
– Organic and Fair Trade Cocoa Butter & Shea Butter for deep moisturization
– Organic Virgin Hemp Seed Oil
– Organic Almond Oil for naturally-occurring vitamin E
– Local Pasture-Raised Lard for extra moisturization and hair-building nutrients
– Cetearyl Alcohol derived from Vegetable Oils for its degreasing properties and water-solubility
– An Ionized Salt derived from rapeseed oil chemically named “Behentrimonium Methosulfate or BTMS”. However, this is NOT considered a sulfate and is environmentally friendly. This ingredient is necessary for a powdery smooth conditioning texture instead of an oily or greasy one. It also makes the conditioner more water-soluble and silky smooth.

About BTMS: For the conditioning effects most of us are used to with commercial conditioners, this is the most natural way for us to achieve this effect! If you would like to avoid this ingredient for a more natural option (but not as effective or convenient), just use straight jojoba oil (or another moisturizing fat) on hair ends before shampooing with our shampoo bars. You may also use a hair tea, apple cider vinegar or witch hazel rinse/spray after shampooing.

DURATION: For someone with long thick hair using the product heavily, our full bar would last about a month with every day use. It often takes a few months or more for most users to get through a full bar. We recommend starting with the half bar size. For drier scalps or textured hair, you may use it all over your head. Do NOT place in direct heat or light as bar will melt. Do NOT let sit in water as bar will dissolve, remember to please read our directions.

INGREDIENTS: Behentrimonium Methosulfate (Sulfate-FREE), Cetearyl Alcohol, Shea Butter*/**,  Cocoa Butter*/**, Local Pasture-Raised Lard, Golden Jojoba Oil*, Virgin Moroccan Argan Oil*, Castor Oil*, Virgin Hemp Seed Oil*, Virgin Sweet Almond Oil*, 100% Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils, and Mica Mineral Pigments.

* Certified Organic / ** Certified Fair Trade

∇Statements not approved by the FDA. Not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

Read Detailed Instructions HERE

Our formula is very light and hard to over-apply. You can use it everywhere on your hair, scalp, or skin and it leaves everything feeling silky smooth while hair is very shiny and manageable! This is our alternative replacement for a vinegar rinse or oil treatment.

1. BRUSH the conditioner bar directly onto your freshly washed, rinsed and dripping wet hair. Focus on dry spots, especially the ends of your hair.

Apply generously and take your time. Bars must be worked in with the water and hair for optimal effect. You may also use it on your skin as a shower/bathing lotion too!

2. COMB the conditioner residue left in your hair with fingers or a comb to make sure the conditioner is spread evenly and thoroughly. You may need to add a little more water to comb it and spread it around smoothly.

3. Let the conditioner bar SET in your hair while you wash your body/shave/etc. – 5 minutes or more being ideal.

4. RINSE thoroughly OR LEAVE it in! For a natural curling effect after you get out of the bath: brush hair while still damp – *scrunch* – then let air-dry! How simple is that? 🙂

Leftover Bits and Pieces

  • Dissolve: You can soak the bits in warm water overnight, then use the liquid as you would for conditioner. Sometimes a blender works well for this!
  • Liquid/Cream: Add a 6:1 ratio of water (or other liquid) to the conditioner bits. Boil plain liquid then take off heat and add conditioner bar bits, stirring until dissolved. Keep stirring occasionally until cooled. Store after cooled completely and use within a week. Store in refrigerator for longer shelf life.
  • Heating: Heating the pieces slowly and carefully with a blow dryer – or for a short time on low level in the microwave – this will turn the pieces into a liquid, which will harden again when cooled. It helps to have a container that you can melt them in and pop them back out again.
  • Using: leave the pieces next to the sink or shower in a container to rub in wet hands and apply to hair until nothing left of the bar pieces remain.

Storage : Do not leave in water, or let water rest on a wet surface as they will dissolve or become very soft and goopy – unless that’s what you’re going for! Preferably, they should be stored in an area with good air flow and minimal surface contact. Store in a dry, safe place our of direct sunlight to prevent mold growth or faster deterioration. We recommend our soap dishes for storing your conditioner bar. You can find them here, https://perma-earth.com/product/soap-dish/

Expiration : Use within a year of purchase. If the oils/fats inside start to go rancid it could smell “off” or develop rusty orange spots, but we have yet to actually see this happen.






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7 reviews for Honey Almond Conditioner Bar

  1. Stephanie Ryder (verified owner)

    I absolutely am in love with the smell this leaves in my hair after use, just smells so clean without being too strong.

  2. Raina Munson (verified owner)

    This was my first conditioner bar ever! I will never go back!! The conditioner makes it easy for me to run my fingers through my wet hair and once it’s washed out it still feels like it is soft and smooth just vs squeaky and brittle. I’ve lost way less hair in the shower and when combing it out with this shampoo. My hair has gotten shinier, stronger and longer in way less time than usual, using both Perma Earth shampoo and conditioner! Great mellow sweet smell also.

  3. Michele Pak-Blyzniuk (verified owner)

    Smells amazing and leaves your hair super soft and silky! Does not weigh your hair down at all.

  4. jadewolf1224 (verified owner)

    One of my favorite conditioners!! These bars last me through 2 to 3 shampoo bars, so they’re well worth it. The scent is very almondy with a hint of honey and cherry. I highly recommend! My hair feels so soft and light when using these conditioner bars.

  5. Shannon Andree (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this smell! I bought this for my mom and she loves it as well but I sometimes swipe it. She has dyed and quite thin hair while mine is not dyed at all and very long and curly but this conditioner works so well for both of us! They also last incredibly long, whereas I blew through traditional conditioner so fast because of how much hair I have. So I find this bar to be far more economical!

  6. Alanna G. (verified owner)

    This is another great scent. I haven’t been disappointed by the conditioner bars at all. This one is very almondy, but sweet and it’s so yummy. It made my hair smell great right after the shower.

  7. Brit (verified owner)

    I cut the bar in half and used the recipe to make liquid conditioner. I have wavy/curly hair and apply some in the shower and squish or scrunch it with my wet hair, then I use more if needed to comb through when I get out. I don’t rinse it. Love the smell and no frizz if I use enough! I also like using it as a bar, but the liquid seems a bit easer.

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