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Beer, due to its infusion of hops and brewers yeast, is full of B vitamins like Biotin and Silica, powerful agents for skin and hair growth, strength and beauty! Many people have tried to use beer as a hair wash by itself or as a temporary conditioning agent, dealing with the other unpleasant effects in the duration. But why do that when you can reap the benefits in a shampoo as you attain a silky-smooth hair cleanse! With scents of citrus orange and Bergamot, as well as Piney Tones of Cedar and Balsam Fir, this bar not only has all these amazing benefits, it has an amazing scent to go with it! 

Scent Strength: Light to Medium

HAIR & SKIN: All of our shampoo and shaving bars work for almost any hair type when used correctly and regularly (read directions here). However, each shampoo bar is different and may work especially well for certain hair types.

  • Cocoa Butter for reducing frizz and extra moisturization
  • Argan Oil for reducing breakage and split ends
  • Kaolin clay provides a silky-smooth shave while soothing the scalp, helps with dandruff and encourages hair growth

INGREDIENTS: Saponified Pasture-Raised Local Lard, Babassu Oil*, Local Grass-fed Buttermilk, Malted Barley, Whole-Cone Hops, Brewers Yeast, Shea Butter*/**, Oils of Castor*, Jojoba*, Argon*, Sesame*, Almond*, Raw Local Eggs, Raw Local Honey, Essential Oils, Kaolin Clay, Calendula*, Chamomile*, Cocoa Powder*/**, Turmeric*, Brazilian Clay, Iron Dioxide & Titanium Dioxide.

* Certified Organic / ** Certified Fair Trade

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WEIGHT: Approximately 4 oz | 113 g

DIMENSIONS: Approximately 3″ x 2.75″ x 1″

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1 review for Honey Ale and Egg Yolk : Shampoo – Body – Shaving

  1. Paul Jungwirth (verified owner)

    This was my first time trying a shampoo bar and I couldn’t be happier! This was super easy to use, lathers up great, and rinses out easily. Honestly, my hair and scalp have never felt cleaner than after shampooing with this bar!

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