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All-In-One Soap Bar
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Honey Ale & Egg Yolk with Whole Oat Grains and Calendula

4 oz | 113 g Soap Bar

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“Our all-in-one cold-process soaps handcrafted with non-gmo, certified organic and fair-trade ingredients from local and environmentally conscious farms; A traditional superfood for your skin, hair and scalp.”

Wrapped in biodegradable shrink-wrap. Read more about Biolefin.


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Scent: Light and Citrusy Orange & Bergamot with Fresh Piney Tones of Cedar & Balsam Fir

Organic ~ Eco-Friendly Minimal Packaging ~ Nutrient-Boost ~ Best Ingredients For Hair Growth**

Vitamin B is for Beer – Great for Men & Women Alike!

Beer, due to its infusion of hops and brewers yeast, is full of B vitamins like Biotin and Silica, powerful agents for skin and hair growth, strength and beauty! Many people have tried to use beer as a hair wash by itself or as a temporary conditioning agent, dealing with the other unpleasant effects in the duration. But why do that when you can reap the benefits in a shampoo as you attain a silky-smooth hair cleanse!

Treat your body with love and care every day! Enjoying herbal soaps is one of the easiest ways to eliminate many environmental toxins. When you bathe or shower, you are not only supposed to be cleansing your body, but your mind and soul. Rid yourself of all worries when using our products. Our passion is crafting a work of art for you to enjoy during this precious time for yourself. We are dedicated to providing you with 100% satisfaction as much as possible (please see store policies). Thank you for purchasing from us as we expand our herbal gardens and home apothecary!


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We formulate each shampoo bar with certain hair types in mind and they are not guaranteed to work the same for everyone. Below is a list of the types of hair and skin we would recommend this bar for. Washing technique, previous product build-up and first-time user adjustments can all affect product performance, most of which is a short learning phase.

This bar is formulated for:
Normal Hair & Scalp**
Dry, Thinning and Balding Hair**
Dry, Cracked, Wrinkled or Damaged Skin**

Colored or Treated Hair? Our shampoo bars may cause faster and thicker hair growth, so more frequent color treatments may be needed.** Many customers have reported eliminating most of the hair care products they used to buy. Please test a small portion of your hair with one of our smaller bars if you are concerned about discoloration; however we have yet to see a soap bar do this.


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Saponified Oils of Local Pasture-Raised Lard, Local Raw Grass-Fed Buttermilk, Malted Barley, Whole-Cone Hops, Brewers Yeast, & Purified Water, Babassu Oil*, Fair-Trade Unrefined Shea Butter*, Raw Local Pasture-Raised Eggs, Kaolin Clay, Raw Local Honey, Castor Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Moroccan Argan Oil*, Sesame Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Essential Oils of Orange, Cedar, & Cypress, Oats*, Calendula Flowers*, Chamomile*, Mica Pigments, and Food-Grade Titanium Dioxide.

*Certified Organic Ingredient by the USDA or QAI (Quality Assurance International)

To learn more about the ingredients check out our INGREDIENTS page.


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  • Kaolin clay provides a silky-smooth texture with detoxifying properties to help tighten skin and reduce inflammation.**
  • Protects skin to help eliminate razor burns, bumps, bleeding, and other irritations.**


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Please read our detailed instructions and watch our instructional video:

You can also find directions here, Shampoo & Shaving Directions .

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A 4 oz bar can last anywhere between 10-60 washes (counting hair washes and body washes independently) depending on your washing technique, body size, hair length and thickness. I have thin, medium-long hair and only use my shampoo bars about once every other day (give or take) as to not to strip the hair’s natural oils. This lasts about 12 hair washes total or 3 weeks.


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Approximately 3″ x 2.75″ x 1″


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**Statements not approved by the FDA. Not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

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