Dandelion Honey Vanilla – Whipped Tallow Body Butter

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    2 oz | 56 g

    Skin Cream & Make-Up Remover

    • Whipped Grassfed USA Tallow with Organic Homegrown Dandelion Infusion, 5% Raw Local Honey, and gently scented with Real Vanilla Beans and Vanilla Oleoresin!

    • Specially formulated for rejuvenating skin cells, moisturization, and healing scars**. Detoxifying and renewing, the perfect skin cream for spring!**

    • Gently whipped to a fluffy cloud with a touch of Vitamin E (natural tocopherols) for preservation.

    • Color is completely natural from dandelion infusion and honey! Is not sticky nor will this color your skin. It may stain white cloth if used much too heavily, but will bleach out like a grass stain if so.

    Scent Strength: Light


    To use as a make-up remover, apply liberally on on face and rub in. Wipe off and wash off any excess with soap and water. You may lightly reapply again for a clean day time moisturizer.

    You can also find directions here, Whipped Tallow Directions .

    Please let us know what you think so we can get feedback on this new item! We also have fragrance-free whipped body butters available too! ♡

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    5 reviews for Dandelion Honey Vanilla – Whipped Tallow Body Butter

    1. Becky A (verified owner)

      This Dandelion Honey Vanilla smells amazing and my skin is loving it! I feel hydrated and moisturized, my skin finally feels balanced. A little goes a long way when using any of the Tallow creams.

    2. Patricia Maxwell (verified owner)

      I absolutely LOVE the way this cream feels and smells! It is doing wonders for my mature skin, making it feel so soft. So far I’ve used the Dream Cream, Coffee and Cream, and Dandelion Honey, and love them all. My skin care routine has been simplified thanks to these products.

    3. Karinne Herriott (verified owner)

      I use this primarily as a day cream for my face only. Sometimes I apply on nights I’ve stayed up late and my schedule is backwards but I LOVE how this smells! I open the jar sometimes just to smell it. A little goes a long way and I noticed that its easy to tell when it over applied as any excess sits on the surface as opposed to fully absorbing into the skin after applied. It does have a bit of a texture to it but it smoothes out just fine after applying. Definitely recommend!

    4. Autumn Musto (verified owner)

      Wonderful smell! It healed my eczema in just 4 weeks (using after every shower). I used this only on my face, lotion bars on the rest of my body. My skin has never felt softer. I love how feminine it smells. No perfume needed! Soaks into skin great- no breakouts. Will be ordering again!

    5. Susan monterrosa (verified owner)

      Im afraid to run out of this wonderful cream. I use the tiniest bit because is pricey but its amazing!! I love it so much for my face. Been making it last since its out of stock..please bring it back soon❤️ Thank You for making this!!

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