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    This delicious all-in-one bar is for anyone that loves a sweet, floral, refreshing scent! Expertly handcrafted with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for clarifying qualities, and vitamins B, C and potassium for the skin and hair! Blended with Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils for a fruity “herb-a-licious” scent that anyone would enjoy.

    Top notes of citrus with middle notes of apple, sugar and violet intermingle with bottom notes of peach and musk to create this enchanted fragrance.

    Scent Strength: Medium-Strong

    It would make a perfect gift for that special teacher as an alternative to the traditional apple!

    HAIR & SKIN: All of our shampoo and shaving bars work for any hair type when used correctly and regularly (read directions here). However, each shampoo bar is different and may work especially well for certain hair types.

    • Cocoa Butter for reducing frizz and extra moisturization
    • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar provides excellent clarifying qualities
    • Kaolin clay provides a silky-smooth shave while soothing the scalp, helps with dandruff and encourages hair growth

    Statements not approved by the FDA. Not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease.

    Read Detailed Instructions HERE

    Prewet your shampoo bar.

    After getting your hair wet, brush or rub your prewetted bar directly onto your dripping wet hair and head until enough amount remains to thoroughly lather all soap remnants throughout the hair.

    Massage deeply into the hair and scalp. You should be getting a thick and foamy lather all over your hair and scalp, if you do not achieve this you will need to apply more soap or a little water to work it up. Do not let sit in hair too long after a good lather is achieved.

    Rinse well and we usually recommend to use one of our conditioners afterwards, then dry/style hair as usual. Repeat the washing process if needed. If this is your first time using a totally natural shampoo soap, then you will probably need to wash again as natural shampoos loosen the silicones and waxes from the hair that sulfate-based or detergent-based shampoos leave behind. Our clay-based formula helps with this natural detox but it can take multiple washes to completely get the desired results.

    Practice makes perfect! ♥

    • Hair Growth Our shampoo bars tend to cause faster and thicker hair growth. As an effect, more frequent colorings or treatments may be needed for treated hair.
    • Colored & Treated Hair Our shampoo bars tend to have no effect on the shade of permanently colored hair or texture treatments. However, semi or demi-permanent hair-colorings or texture treatments can wash out faster due to the vigorous washing method required for a natural shampoo soap lather. We ask these customers to weigh the benefit of healthier, thicker and faster-growing hair with their more frequent semi-permanent hair treatments.
    • Curly & Textured Hair Our shampoo bars are sulfate-free and totally natural, therefore they will strengthen the natural disulfide bonds in your hair, which will bring out your natural hair texture. Your natural hair texture usually has more volume, curl and definition than what you are used to while using detergent or sulfate-base haircare products.
    • Healthier & Cleaner Our shampoo bars help reduce the waste of water transport, plastic containers, and dispensers that are so often chosen for convenience with liquid conditioners and shampoos. It often takes more time and effort to use natural shampoo bars, but it’s well worth it in the end. Not only do you end up with clean and naturally nourished hair, you also end up with a cleaner environment!

    Top notes of citrus with middle notes of apple, sugar and violet intermingle with bottom notes of peach and musk to create this enchanted fragrance.

    This delicious all-in-one bar is for anyone that loves a sweet, floral, refreshing scent! Blended with Phthalate-Free, Paraben-Free, Body-Safe Fragrance Oils for a fruity “herb-a-licious” scent that anyone would enjoy.

    INTENSITY: Medium-Strong

    Saponified Local Pasture-Raised Lard, Local Raw Grass-Fed Buttermilk, Babassu Oil*, Olive Oil*,  Apple Cider Vinegar*, Shea Butter*/**,  Cocoa Butter*/**, Castor Oil*, Rose Hip Seed Oil*, Kaolin Clay, Phthalate-Free Paraben-Free Body-Safe Fragrance, Food-Grade Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, & Nature-Identical Mica Pigments.

    * Certified Organic / ** Certified Fair Trade

    Approximately 3-3.3 oz

    2.75″ × 2.2″ × 1″

    Due to the natural and handcrafted quality of our products and ingredients, we cannot guarantee exact replicas of texture, scent or feel of every batch.

    Since we use local, hand-processed animal products and other nature-based ingredients, our batches fully depend on quality of processing, time of year, and what the nutrition source was in that season. Please do not expect big business chemical results from our small, local, and natural business.

    Our statements and user claims are not approved by the FDA. We are required to state that these claims are not intended to cure, prevent, treat, mitigate, or alter any disease or diagnosis.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the possible side-effects from using our products or their ingredients, please consult with your healthcare practitioner and contact us. We appreciate any feedback from using our products.

    13 reviews for Crisp Apple Cider : Shampoo – Body – Shaving

    1. Ashlea Prather (verified owner)

      Love this bar! It’s so cute & smells heavenly! I wasn’t sure what to expect with it having apple cider vinegar in it, but it’s floral & fruity. My my husband loved when I use this bar!

    2. Brittany Burton (verified owner)

      This was my first ever lard shampoo bar. I was amazed at how well my hair adapted to it. I also had an unexpected result: So many new baby hairs! And I don’t have a problem with hair loss. I have oily hair that needed to be washed every 24 hours or it was an oily mess. After using this, I was able to extend it to every 48 hours. My hair has never looked and felt healthier!

    3. Alanna G. (verified owner)

      I used the previous version of this bar which had a cinnamon stick in it. I’m so happy that this version does not. The cinnamon stick was a nice touch, but having more soap for the money is always preferable. This one smells lovely, definitely gives you an apple cider smell and I feel like it cleans my hair really well. The bright colors are really cheerful and the stem and the leaf adds to the magic.

    4. Breanna Clawson (verified owner)

      Breanna Clawson: I cannot rave about this soap enough! It does WONDERS for my hair. It enhances my natural wave and allows me to go several days without oil build up. I used to use a custom shampoo that I would need to wash every other night. With this, I wash once, maybe twice a week and I don’t even need dry shampoo to get me through the off days! I get over a month out of each bar which is substantially cheaper than the $25/bottle stuff I was getting! Also, I could eat it it smells so good!

    5. Alexandra Brooks (verified owner)

      As someone with thicker, curly, African American hair I can also approve of this shampoo bar for our hair type. I love this shampoo bar. I have always struggled trying to find a shampoo that will cleanse but won’t dry my hair out….this is it. Another great product by Perma-Earth. I would buy all these shampoo bars if I could. Makes my hair feel so clean and light and fresh without feeling dry. The best feeling ever.

    6. Kasey Curtis (verified owner)

      This scent is so so so good. It feels moisturing and lightweight. Works wonders for thin hair.
      -Kasey Curtis, CO

    7. Karinne Herriott (verified owner)

      The scent of this bar was amazing, but after about 3-4 uses I noticed that it felt like it was leaving my hair stringy. After chatting with Mariah we concluded that my hair may prefer different oils. Which makes sense because everyone’s hair is different. And I think my hair doesn’t like apple. But I still recommend the shampoo bars! This one just wasn’t a good fit for my hair sadly.

    8. Leigh Webster (verified owner)

      I purchased 4 sample-size soap/shampoos to see which one I will love the most and which one will become my “go-to” bar. The Apple Cider bar has a crisp, fresh light scent that doesn’t overpower. My hair feels clean and light. (I paired it with the unscented conditioner bar – SO nice!) My hair feels and smells great and I feel good knowing how much healthier this is for my hair. I can’t wait to try the others.

    9. Ash Zareian (verified owner)

      Everything about this shampoo bar, from its smell to getting the job done on shaving, soaping, and shampooing, IS AMAZING! It lasts about one month too!

    10. likebitingintosunshine (verified owner)

      I’m a sucker for everything Apple🍎🍏🍎 I love this soaps scent! It’s mild and not to pungent, but still leaves you feeling fresh and clean.

    11. Michele Pak-Blyzniuk (verified owner)

      All of the soap bars that I’ve tried (this scent and a sample) have been so great for my hair. I wash my hair everyday and the shampoo doesn’t dry my hair or scalp out. My hair has gotten thicker and I also have new hair growth. Looking forward to trying the other shampoo bars!

    12. Pamela Garcia (verified owner)

      This is the best shampoo bar I have ever used. I have gone through several bars now and don’t think I will ever stop. I have really fine oily hair. For a while I was also experiencing a tremendous amount of hair loss. I used to have to wash my hair daily with conventional shampoos and dry shampoo within hours as my hair would become oily and flat. This shampoo has helped me reduce the amount of washes per week, my hair feels full and my waves have come back. My baby hairs also growing a lot. I used to get pretty bad eczema around my hairline and I also stopped seeing that when I began using this shampoo. I recommend it to all my friends and family. It’s been such a life saver and has helped me gain so much confidence. I also would like to mention that it smells absolutely amazing! It isn’t over powering and lingers in your hair. If you’re thinking about getting this, do it!

    13. cdanielle504 (verified owner)

      I am black with curly and coily hair and can’t tolerate commercial products anymore. I’m in to keeping things simple and also like to try new things that are all natural. I use this as a shampoo bar and it works very well in keeping my Curls clean and hydrated. I use most animal based products and it’s changing my life. Cdanielle504

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