Cotton Scrubbies Multi-Use

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100% USA grown Cotton

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Washcloth, Scrubby Mitt, or Scrubby Cloth
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♡ Crocheted by my Grandmother with Love ♡

Our scrubbies are now in 3 different styles: Washcloths, Scrubby Mitts, and Scrubby Cloths… there is a scrubby for anyone and any reason!

We loved our very first scrubby and it lasted us 8 months of heavy use! We asked my grandmother to make more for us and the shop and she was glad to.

These are not made with nylon or plastic, just 100% pure USA grown cotton, so it is completely biodegradable and earth-friendly.

For extra-scrubby jobs, we suggest that you purchase one of our loofah gourd sponges, which is still quite gentle for skin or delicate dishes!


These cloths are crocheted in a seashell pattern with soft cotton yarn and can be hang-dried.

Scrubby Mitt

These soft, long-lasting and all-natural scrubby cloths have a hand-pocket for comfortable washing. This mitt has a soft, cotton side along with a scrubby, fibrous backside and a ring to hang-dry on a hook.

Scrubby Cloth

These cloths have a fibrous, stringy single layer texture. They are perfect for exfoliating! The color scheme is along the borders of the cloth, with a nice ring to hang-dry on a hook.

Thank you for supporting our small business! ♡



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2 reviews for Cotton Scrubbies Multi-Use

  1. Becky A (verified owner)

    I love Grandmas hand made scrubbies! Very nicely made and cute as can be. Works great as a wash rag for makeup removal and also for blending in the Dream Cream lotion.

  2. Ash Zareian (verified owner)

    Bought one of these handmade scrubbies that wouldn’t really help distribute soap over my body. Was better off just using the soap by itself. Not only that, the color of the scrubby which was blue kept turning my water and tub blue as well. After a couple of uses, I decided to no longer use the scrubby. Other than that, I love perma-earth and think they are a fantastic company.

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