Calm Roll-On Natural Lavender


Roll-On Aromatherapy
Organic & All-Natural Ingredients

+ 0.33 oz Glass with Stainless Steel Ball and Screw Thread Top +

Very high-quality essential oil and herbal aromatherapy blend with luxurious oils in beautiful packaging.

>> Formulated and Handcrafted by an Herbalist, Organic Farmer, and Mother <<

~ 100% Pure Essential Oils & Herbs Infused in Certified Organic Jojoba Oil
Organic Lavender | Chamomile | Vetiver | Neroli | Sweet Orange | Bergamot | Ylang-Ylang | Spearmint | Cedarwood

A grounding note of woody vetiver and cedarwood, mid-notes of organic lavender, sweet orange and bergamot citrus oils, and high notes of neroli orange blossoms, ylang-ylang flower, refreshing spearmint, and calming chamomile all blended in a base of certified organic jojoba oil.**

Some wear this roll-on simply for the comforting scent, it is very soothing!**

An uplifting yet lulling combination of scents meant to ground your feet, raise your chin, relax tensions, and/or close your eyes for a deep meditative state or sleep…**


JOJOBA OIL: Certified Organic Golden Jojoba Oil is used to help balance the skin’s sebum production as its structure closely mimics the oils produced by the skin, making easier absorption possible and the ability to blend well with any skin type.** Commonly used for skin problems like dryness, acne, redness, or oily skin.** Also lasts longer than most oils for a longer shelf life.

LAVENDER: Certified Organic Lavender Essential Oil has been used to induce a calming and open state of mind.** Its sweetly floral yet herbaceous scent is refreshing yet soothing.

CHAMOMILE: Chamomile has been praised by herbalists, therapists, and tea-lovers around the world for its immediately stress-relieving properties.** Chamomile has a honey sweet yet earthy scent that everyone loves.

VETIVER: Vetiver Essential Oil is a rare and luxurious essential oil that is now being shown to be effective in temporarily treating symptoms of ADHD, helping the brain neurons to establish new pathways of focusing behavior leading to easier adaptations in distractive situations.**

BERGAMOT & SWEET ORANGE: These essential oils are a very sweet and calming citruses. For instance, bergamot has been shown to stop a panic attack in its tracks.** As someone who has experienced this myself with a previously long history of panic attacks, I was very pleasantly surprised.

CEDARWOOD: Cedarwood Essential Oil is very grounding, refreshing, and comforting, like getting a hug from a warm sun-lit tree! It has also been shown to help induce sleep.**

YLANG-YLANG & NEROLI: These flowery essential oils have been shown to help with anxiety or upset with their hypnotic and intoxicatingly sweet scent.**

SPEARMINT: Refreshing Spearmint Essential Oil is part of the same family as lemon balm, which all members of the mint family have been shown to help induce relaxation and sleep, while also providing an uplifting and refreshing perspective.**

VIOLET: Freshly gathered and organically homegrown violet flowers and leaves were also infused into this oil, then carefully strained for no plant residue, dispense blocking, or irritation. Violets are very soothing to the nerves and moistening for the skin.**

Great for use on babies, children, and over-worked adults: perfect as a gift for your soon-to-be parent or stressed-out loved-one.**

Designed to induce a loving, open, and clear-headed disposition among any user, a wonderful scent to greet guests or strangers alike!**

>>> Does not guarantee an immediate sense of calm when used, but instead acts as a promoting tool for an easier transition between states of mind. <<<

CAUTION: Although very rare, please take caution and do NOT expose skin to prolonged direct sunlight until 4 hours after application or phototoxicity may occur. If you are allergic to any ingredient, please do NOT use. If allergic reaction occurs, wash with warm water and soap, then seek medical advice.

**Statements not approved by the Food & Drug Administration. Not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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