Black Walnut Scrub : Luxury Exfoliant and Cleanser

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    3-3.3 oz |  85-93 g  BAR

    Be as gentle or rough as you would like with this walnut shell and pumice powder soap. Lather bar directly onto skin, or lather in the hands and then onto skin for a lighter application.

    Topped with organic dried calendula flowers for an extra touch of skin-loving herbs.

    Uniquely handcrafted with our own blend of essential oils. A burst of citrus topped with notes of basil, rosemary and clove while held together in an earthy base of cedarwood.

    Organic turmeric, aloe vera juice, and whole grain oats are considered by many herbalists to be naturally anti-inflammatory** and these ingredients also contribute to the sandy texture.

    This bar’s lather is creamy and nourishing yet cleansing to the skin.

    LOW on the comedogenic scale to reduce clogged pores.

    Scent Strength: Light to Medium

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    Saponified Fats of Local Pasture-Raised Lard, Local Raw Grassfed Buttermilk, Babassu Oil*, Certified Fair-Trade Shea Butter*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Walnut Shell Powder, Whole Grain Oats*, Essential Oils of Orange, Lemon, Cedarwood, Rosemary, Basil, & Clove, Turmeric*, Aloe Vera*, Calendula*, & Pumice Sand.

    *Certified Organic Ingredient

    Read more about the beauty benefits of natural animal products on our soap ingredients page.


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    Approximately 3″ x 2.2″ x 1″


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    **Statements not approved by the FDA. Not intended to cure, treat, or prevent any disease.






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    Due to the natural and handcrafted quality of our products and ingredients, we cannot guarantee exact replicas of texture, scent or feel of every batch.

    Since we use local, hand-processed animal products and other nature-based ingredients, our batches fully depend on quality of processing, time of year, and what the nutrition source was in that season. Please do not expect big business chemical results from our small, local, and natural business.

    Our statements and user claims are not approved by the FDA. We are required to state that these claims are not intended to cure, prevent, treat, mitigate, or alter any disease or diagnosis.

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    7 reviews for Black Walnut Scrub : Luxury Exfoliant and Cleanser

    1. Ashley Warren (verified owner)

      This bar has been so good to my dry winter skin. I absolutely the exfoliating combination of the pumice and black walnut shells. I love how it leaves my skin silky smooth. Another one of my absolute favorites!

    2. FELICIA HOLTKAMP (verified owner)

      MY FAVORITE! This exfoliant is amazing! Really does the job, without drying my face.

    3. Paige Silva (verified owner)

      Awesome bar. This will be a staple order for me. I use lightly on my face and it’s never felt too aggressive. I use it almost every day and I’m not experiencing any dryness or other unwanted side effects. It definitely does have enough exfoliant power to cause redness if you are rough on your skin with it. Nice scent.

    4. Patricia Maxwell (verified owner)

      I love this soap so much better than exfoliators that come in a jar or tube. It does the job and is very easy to rinse off my face, unlike jar/tube products.

    5. FELICIA HOLTKAMP (verified owner)

      Purchased again, this is one of my favorites! One of the best exfoliators I’ve ever tried. Lasts forever!

    6. Dajalee Hicks (verified owner)

      A staple in my skin care! It feels like heaven lightly scrubbing your back with this beaut! They last a while since I only exfoliate twice a week, which will help your skin look and feel younger. I’ve definitely noticed a difference!


    7. Angela Russell (verified owner)

      Loved it so much, I bought some as gifts for Christmas! Won’t go without this scrub!

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