Our Ingredients

100% Honest & Clear

Experience the Difference – Know the Difference

Our natural and sustainable ingredients are one or more of the following:

  • Certified Organic – grown without synthetic chemicals or pesticides

  • Local – grown with sustainable, ethical, and organic methods

  • Homegrown – on our little permaculture homestead

  • Fair-Trade Certified – the workers are fairly paid

All-Natural – 100% naturally-derived substances

Nature-Identical – Made in a lab, but compounds are identical to those found in nature

Phthalate-Free – Synthetic fragrances without phthalates

When we cannot produce or source our ingredients locally, we choose those that are certified by the USDA, Oregon Tilth, Fair Trade USA, or another professionally recognized certification agency like QAI (Quality Assurance International).

Good for the Environment & Good For You

source: http://www.saynotopalmoil.com

We are proud to say that all of our soaps and products are PALM-FREE, as we are against animal cruelty or environmentally destructive practices.

This is where our soaps really stand out because most soapmakers use Palm Oil as their main ingredient, the production of which has led to extensive deforestation, loss of biodiversity, human rights violations, and the cruel abuse and unnecessary killings of orangutans.

A docuseries on the unethical and environmentally-destructive practices of palm oil farming that appeared on our free public television channel, we were very happy to see this available for more to see!

This is well-documented by National Geographic and BBC, a simple google search will have all the information you need, plus there are documentaries and docuseries like “Palm Oil”, “Red Ape” by BBC2, and more that we have even seen air on our local television channels.

HINT: Just because Palm Oil is labeled as “organic” or “sustainable” by the RSPO or others does NOT actually mean that it solves the issues above.

We do not mean to say anything “bad” about other soapers and their choices, but we aim to spread awareness about something that can be easily solved by helping out your local farmers…

Instead, we decided to craft our soaps with Local Pastured Lard & Raw Grassfed Buttermilk from farm animals nearby that are cared for in the best ways possible and are then butchered humanely for us to use their entire offerings. Waste not, want not!

Soap History & Traditions

Buttermilk has been used for centuries as a substance for all kinds if ailments, especially topically. It is something that our ancestors used even in times of crisis. They even used it to fertilize their crops!

Lard is the original main ingredient used for making lye soap. You cannot make REAL soap without lye, but no lye should be left after the saponification (soap-making) process.

People used to mix melted animal fat and lye water (filtered ashes and water) over a boiling pot, then pour it into molds to later cut into bars. They used this soap for everything from cleaning the dishes, home, body, and even for their hair!

Since people do not use lard much for cooking anymore, it is often a “waste” product after butchering that people do not know what to do with. We have saved a lot from going to waste, and there is even more that could be saved from all kinds of butchered animals, either wild or domesticated.

We respect all animals and we feel that their honorable sacrifices should not go to “waste”. We are hunters, farmers, and fishers ourselves for our own health and wellness as well as to keep in touch with the balance of nature itself, that is our belief.

Happy Pigs from Nightfall Farm – http://www.nightfallfarm.com

We personally inspect the local farms we source our ingredients from to ensure the ethical treatment and quality of life of their animals. We currently source our lard from 2 farms within a 20 minute drive that grow pigs on natural forested acreage, where the animals enjoy their lives in the sunshine, trees, no unnecessary antibiotics, no growth hormones or genetic alterations, eating what nature has to offer. When we cannot get lard from these farms, we will render our own lard from the “waste” fat collected by a local butchery, also listed below.

Jersey dairy cows that our raw buttermilk comes from. These girls are the sweetest!
  1. Nightfall Farm at nightfallfarm.com – LARD

  2. David & Carrie Ramsey (no website… yet!) – LARD

  3. Larry Cloud (no website, he is a family source) – BUTTERMILK

  4. Pate’s Pantry at patespantry.com – PORK FAT (which we render into lard)

Unlike what many people believe, farming with animals sustainably can be very beneficial to the land and will help heal depleted fields that were over-farmed. Rotating animals through large fields or forested areas is a common practice on these farms. Animals on an appropriate ratio to a pasture do not damage the land, instead they fertilize, enrich, and maintain it indefinitely.

How is Animal Fat Good For You?

There is a reason why animal fat is the original, ancient ingredient for making all-natural, old-fashioned soap! The earliest documented form of soapmaking was discovered to be by the Babylonians around 2300 B.C. who mixed ashes, water, and animal fat to create a primitive form of soap. This same method was still used for all soapmaking until the beginning of the 20th century, when synthetic “soap” (or toxic chemical foaming agents) was introduced.

Animal fat is a great ingredient in soap as it provides lots of hardness, lather, and is similar in composition to the human skin, giving many nutrients like vitamin D, boosting collagen and keratin production.

Raw Cultured Buttermilk is the highest in Lactic Acid and Proteins than any other milk, perfect for reversing signs of aging and improving skin health!

Our big goal is to organically grow, harvest, process, and oversee many of the ingredients we use, and we already do with some! Go to Our Farm to read more about our farming practices and what we currently grow!