International Shipping

Get Global Access To Perma-Earth Products!

We currently ship directly to USA locations/military bases and Canada, but ALL other locations will need to use a mail forwarder at this time: such as or for examples, or any other other kind of forwarder international customers prefer.

How It Works:

  1. All international customers outside of the USA and Canada will need to make an account with their forwarder to obtain a special shipping address.
  2. This special shipping address is used during checkout with us to ship the order to the forwarder’s USA facility. You can use the US forwarding address for your billing address during checkout.
  3. After a successful order, we ship out the package to the forwarding address you included on the shipping address.
  4. The shipment is received by the forwarder based in the USA. We are responsible for the package up to this point, but from the forwarder onward we are NOT responsible for the package. From this point onward, the customer can communicate with the forwarder about the whereabouts of their package, unless the forwarder returns it to us (details follow below).
  5. The forwarder then checks the items and current customs information to make sure it will pass inspection for each specific country the package is going through. If it does not pass inspection then the package is returned to sender (us) and we issue a refund (minus the non-refundable USA shipping costs).
  6. If it passes their inspection, the forwarder gives the package a new label to ship it to the customer’s final delivery address according to the customer’s account settings with the forwarder.

There is nothing we do differently on our part to a forwarding international package than our US customers, these international customers must select a USA shipping option during online checkout in order for us to ship it to the forwarder’s USA facility – customers will enter their forwarding address (NOT the final destination address) upon checkout with us. We do not communicate with the forwarding facility directly nor do we have any part of the forwarding process besides initial shipment to the forwarding facility.

Mail forwarders are a great asset for any international customer for a multitude of reasons:

  1. They save the customer time and money, plus allow for better package tracking!
  2. They inspect the package to make sure it is suitable for shipping to each country’s, kingdom’s, or province’s location and unique situation. If not, they will re-route or return the package before it gets lost or leaves the country for quick remedies of the many unknowns in today’s complex and ever-changing shipping world.
  3. They allow the customer to purchase from literally any online store that ships in the USA (not just ours).

If you have any new suggestions on your favorite mail forwarder we can share, please let us know!