I Never Received My Package Marked As “Delivered”.

First check to make sure you entered the correct shipping address in your order confirmation email. If the address was incorrect and the package is returned back to us successfully, we will refund the product amount in store credit, minus the cost of shipping and a -25% restocking fee. If the package was delivered to the incorrect address, we cannot provide a replacement or refund even on insured packages.

Did you wait 2 business days past a package marked as “delivered” to the address but still haven’t received it at the address?

We are sorry about this unfortunate situation and we’re here to help you figure out what went wrong!

Please note: we know just as much as your tracking information shows regarding the whereabouts and shipping status of your package. We do not have access to any special information regarding the postal service’s shipments and deliveries.

Here are the steps you can take for this matter:

  1. Be sure to check around for your package; some carriers leave packages in hidden places so it cannot be seen from the street. Check to see if someone else, like a neighbor or an Apartment Office Manager, accepted delivery on your behalf.
  2. If your package still has not been located, check with your local postal carrier as it could be held at the post office or the nearest holding facility due to trouble delivering. Your local post office will be able to provide quicker, and better service than a customer service hotline. Ask who delivered the package, and ask for the details of that day’s delivery. Postal carriers are used to these questions, and will generally provide helpful information. If you need to, you may contact your postal carrier’s customer service number to ask about your package (listed below).
  3. File a claim with the postal carrier if they cannot provide a solution to the mismanaged package.
  4. If you feel like your package was stolen, you must tell your local postal service and your local law enforcement to report the crime to help prevent future issues. Consider purchasing a security camera or purchase signed delivery during checkout if this becomes a common problem!
  5. Contact us with your valid claim number and order number and we will do an investigation to reimburse with store credit or replace the missing package that was insured. You must have purchased an insured shipping method during checkout for your claim to be processed by us. We can NOT cover more than 1 claim per address or customer per year. We withhold the right of store credit or replacement if the proper protocols are not taken by the buyer or receiver. If there is a constant issue with delivering after your 1st claim, you must try to resolve this using the tips provided above.

Even though we are a very small business, we will do everything we can to make sure you get top quality service. Thank you for being our customer and understanding our online shipping policies!