Silk Peptides are a highly purified grade of natural silk powder, processed in such a way as to retain the original physical structure and chemical composition of silk in a concentrated and more useable form. Silk has the unusual quality of holding and releasing moisture depending on the temperature and humidity of the surroundings, almost like a living material. And like natural silk fiber, silk as a body care ingredient can help create hair and skin that is incredibly strengthened while also remaining extremely soft. Silk is stable over a wide range of pH levels, again confirming the suitability of silk for personal treatment products.

Like no other protein, silk protein improves the shine of the hair, gives elasticity to prevent breakage, and helps retain moisture.  Hydrolyzed silk protein has been shown to improve overall hair health. Silk is typically known for being soft and lustrous, and when hydrolyzed silk protein is applied to brittle hair, the results are no different.  Hydrolyzed silk protein does indeed come from silk which is deemed to be one of the strongest fibers on the planet. When used in skincare products, hydrolyzed silk protein helps the skin’s water barrier to retain moisture and provide a radiant glow.

You may be asking yourself “What are silk peptides?” Silk comes from the silk moth’s fibrous cocoons and can be cultivated before or after the moths leave the cocoons (we source our silk from those who choose to wait until after the moth has hatched and left the cocoon). Ancient legend has it that the Empress Leizu was enjoying a cup of tea under a mulberry tree one day in the 27th Century BC, when a cocoon fell into her tea. As she went to pick it up, she found that she could unravel it. She was so taken by its shimmering beauty that she began to cultivate silkworms and invented the first silk loom (the production of silk).

We use silk in one form or another in some of our most luxurious shampoo soaps, tallow butters, liquid conditioner booster, leave-in conditioning spray, and our Vitamineral hair serum.

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