Hydrolyzed Keratin is a large protein molecule that penetrates the hair cuticle to strengthen hair, reduce frizz, increase elasticity, and turn back the clock on damage and fortify hair. Keratin is a major building block of hair, skin, and nails. In cosmetic applications, it is most popularly derived from wool, silk, or vegan wheat protein. No allergens are left in the final product.

Th keratin protein is very beneficial for most hair types. Those with curly, kinky, dry, or damaged hair from chemical processes like relaxers, color treatment, or sun damage will see benefits from natural (not chemical) keratin treatments. Studies like those from the Cleveland Clinic have shown that shampoos and conditioners that have keratin hydrolysates make your hair stronger, brighter, and softer.

We use Hydrolyzed Keratin in the Midnight Escape shampoo, Blue Tansy & Silk Pearl shampoo, Frankincense & Keratin Silk shampoo, Cocoa & Cashmere shampoo, Cocoa & Cashmere Tallow Butter, Liquid Conditioner Booster, Ultimate Unscented shampoo , Cocoa & Cashmere Milk Lotion, & the Vitamineral Hair Growth Serum.

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