Ghee is known as ghrta (commonly spelled ghrita) in Sanskrit, which is also means “to sprinkle”. And with as versatile an ingredient as ghee, it is a fitting root word. In Hindu mythology, it is often highlighted as being an ingredient in creation itself, which reflects its importance in Indian culture.

Ghee is clarified butter or anhydrous milk fat prepared by heating butter or cream to just over 100°C/212°F to remove water content by boiling and evaporation, then filtering out the precipitated milk solids, leaving pure butter fat.

Ghee is gaining popularity in use for promoting and protecting longevity. Ghee contains high concentrations of monounsaturated Omega-3s, as well as Vitamin A1. Retinol A (not beta-carotene) is the kind only found in animal sources and the most bioavailable for humans to utilize the benefits. The benefits of ghee for your skin include anti-aging properties, moisturization and hydration of the skin, softening and brightening of the skin, and assisting in removing toxins.

In India, where ghee was originated due to the high need of dairy nutrients in a vegetarian culture, the atmospheric heat was not conducive for storing butter long periods of time without a refrigerator. Due to this issue, the fresh butter would often get clarified if not used quickly enough. Clarification is a process of applying high heat: evaporating the water content and filtering out the proteins, which eliminated elements that would easily spoil thereby creating a more stable food source with a much longer shelf life.

We use certified organic grass-fed ghee in its pure fat form as explained above in all our butter balms.

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