Although we don’t purchase and use isolated agar by itself, it does come in some of our ingredients as a texture stabilizer and enhancer, such as our organic aloe vera gel. Agar is a jelly-like substance derived from red algae, a species of seaweed. Agar is isolated from the algae as an amorphous and translucent product sold in the form of bricks, flakes, or powder.

Agar is similar to carrageenan. Because of its high concentration of galactose residues, it’s a good emulsifier for formulas that contain ingredients with different solubility. This helps to stabilize moisturizing products, such as lotions and creams, as well as working as a thickener to provide a smoother creamier texture. Agar improves moisture-retention, which may help reduce dry skin. 

Agar is found in our certified organic aloe vera gel ingredient as a natural stabilizing agent and texture enhancer.

None of these statements are approved by the US Food & Drug Administration. Our products are not intended to prevent, treat, or cure any disease.