Shaving Soap Directions

How to use our Soaps for shaving!

Do NOT try shaving with our exfoliating scrub soaps.

  1. With clean warm water, wet the area of shaving.
  2. With a bit of the water, lather the soap. You may lather the soap and water in your hands, directly on the shaving area, or with a shaving brush.
  3. Apply a generous lather to your shaving area, rubbing in circular, gentle motions for a minute or less.
  4. Shave as usual and rinse off excess soap lather.
  5. Finish with an application of whipped tallow to balance skin complexion and to re-moisturize. Applying a moisturizer such as our whipped tallow after cleansing will help your skin to produce less oils if you have an oily complexion, since your skin will try to produce extra oils in order to moisturize the dry skin. If you have dry skin, it will smooth and protect your skin from absorbing other oils throughout the day that can clog your pores.

Extend the Life of Your Soap

Keep in a dry and safe place out of reach of small children and out of direct sunlight on one of our soap dishes for best results and a longer-lasting bar!

Does Soap Expire?

We recommend using our soaps within 1 year of purchase since the scent can fade over time, but our soaps often last longer than 2-3 years before developing orange spots, which is the oils/fats going rancid. When the dreaded orange spots develop, you should not use your soap. Store in a dry, room-temperature spot that’s out of direct sunlight until you are ready to use your bar. Once you first use your soap bar, it is best to finish using it within 6 months as contaminants from the first use will degrade your soap faster.