Laundry Soap Directions



• ½ Tbs of grated soap

• 1/8 cup or 2 Tbsp of a mix of half washing soda and half borax (or all washing soda if you do not have borax).

1 bar of soap should get you anywhere between 40-60 of these loads depending on how generous your scoops are. Feel free to add baking soda for extra odor-absorption, but it is not necessary.

Pretreat tough stains by scrubbing the stain and rinsing with this soap and water, or use different stain treatments dependent upon the culprit (hydrogen peroxide for blood, vinegar for wine, etc.)

FABRIC SOFTENER: Add cleaning vinegar as a liquid softener and brightener to your laundry cycle.

FRAGRANCE: If you purchased our unscented bar, you can add your own liquid fragrance to the washing cycle in the form of essential oils or your own fragrance in the strength of your liking!

I love this recipe and have used it for years in different machines (from HE to non-HE, front-loading to top-loading) and never had any problems with build-up or machine dysfunction, but I would recommend that you read your instruction manual and make sure your machine is working optimally on a regular basis no matter what detergent you use.