Affiliate Application

We currently offer 5% commissions on successfully influenced first purchases using your unique coupon code.

Some of our affiliates have earned hundreds per month by simply promoting our products through their outreaches! We will not offer this open application forever, so if you are interested in earning commissions from promoting our products to new customers, please apply now.

**Part of your application approval will be determined by confirming that your outreach is of respectful, professional, and relative content. Your contact list should be at least 5,000 followers/clients/etc. You must provide a website and/or social media account to reflect this number.**

If you are approved, you will be given a unique coupon code (do NOT share it with anyone else other than your audience) that we will renew/change every 3-6 months. We will contact you a week before your coupon code expires to make sure you would like to renew with us. This means that your audience will have another reason to be in touch with you – to get a new Perma-Earth coupon code!

Commissions will be paid monthly and sent out on the 1st of every month via any payment method you specify that is also compatible with us (PayPal, check deposit, etc.) The total each month is manually calculated by our staff. This insures the most gain with the least amount of work and risk from you.

Your commissions can be earned through any of your promotional efforts to reach a suitable audience by advertising your limited-time coupon code. You may NOT earn a commission on purchases you complete yourself or purchases made from prior customers. Each coupon code can only be used once per customer.

Our products are handcrafted in small batches with a lot of time and effort going into each item, which cannot be mass-produced. Our rates are competitively priced and offers are limited due to our small business size!


Fill out the form below for a manual application process and we will get back in contact with you as soon as possible or contact us through our other outlets. All applications must be approved by us and we reserve the right to decline your application or terminate your registration as our affiliate – at any time for any reason. You will be notified of your termination immediately and all commissions earned while registered as an active affiliate will be paid in full.