Affiliate Application

We are now offering 3%-10% commissions on successfully influenced purchases made within 7 days of clicking through affiliate links or coupon codes!

We may not offer this open application forever, so if you are interested in earning commissions from promoting our products, please apply now!

Deposits will be made automatically via once registration is complete and successful sales are directed via your affiliate link to our website. is a third-party affiliate program that tracks and deposits commissions from completed purchases made through the use of your affiliate link and/or activated coupon code. Commission percentages depend upon the nature of your application and your marketing channel. The highest percentage commissions will be set through your offering of special promotional efforts via website, social media, and email marketing to reach a suitable audience for our products, which we will determine via your application and website audience. You may NOT earn a commission on purchases you complete yourself, but we do offer specials for our approved affiliates, just ask!

For a 10% commission earning level, we would like to see your audience as interested in high-quality animal-based products, local products, organic products, regenerative agriculture, natural health, and the like. You must also have a reach of at least 5,000 accounts via your marketing channel. Your channel must be respectful as we do not wish to be associated with any negative or destructive behavior. Anything less than these guidelines will earn less of a commission. For instance, if your audience reach is below 5,000 accounts but fulfills all the above requirements, we may consider an 8% commission instead of 10%.

If you believe our commission rate is low, we encourage you to compare our rates to other handcrafted bath and body affiliate programs, of which there are few. Comparatively, our rate is generous and we also offer limited-time custom coupon codes for your audience ON TOP OF your commission earnings. Remember, these are very unique and handcrafted products with a lot of time and effort going into each and every single product which cannot be mass-produced.


Directly sign up for our affiliate program HERE or fill out the form below for a manual application process. All applications must be approved by us and we reserve the right to decline your application or terminate your registration as our affiliate at any time for any reason. You will be notified of your termination immediately and all commissions earned while registered as an active affiliate will be paid in full.